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Find ducks for the Legendary Quest

Where to Find Rubber Ducks in Fortnite Season 7

Rubber Duck Location Fortnite Season 7
We have all Fortnite Season 7 Rubber Duck Locations! (Credit: Epic Games)

If you're looking for a Rubber Duck in Fortnite Season 7 to complete your Legendary Quest for Week 1, you're at the right place. We go over the 3 different locations you can find a Rubber Duck on the Fortnite Season 7 Map.

UFOs and Aliens have made contact with Fortnite players and Season 7 has started off with a massive explosion at the Zero Point. But something unexpected has appeared in Season 7, so let’s take a look it!

Quack, Quack, where are the Rubber Duck Locations?

You’re in luck because we go over each location for every Rubber Duck on the Season 7 Map, so that you can complete that Legendary quest and get a fat pack of XP to earn some of those new Battle Pass Stars.

Where to Find Rubber Ducks in Fortnite Season 7

Rubber Duck at Believer Beach

Rubber Duck Location Fortnite Season 7 Believer Beach
Two Ducks at one Location (Credit: Epic Games)

Head on over to the now renamed Sweaty Sands and find the Rubber Duck just chilling next to the swimming pool on the east sandy side of Believer beach. On the west side of the city, head to the gas station to find the other Rubber Duck.

Rubber Duck at Pleasant Park

Rubber Duck Location Fortnite Season 7 Pleasant Park
Rubber Ducks in the park (Credit: Epic Games)

Next up, head to Pleasant Park and visit the house located in the eastern section of the park, or swing by the soccer field and check near the bleachers to find one of two Rubber Ducks located in Pleasant Park.

Rubber Duck at Retail Row

Rubber Duck Location Fortnite Season 7 Retail Row
Two Ducks, you're in luck! (Credit: Epic Games)

Head to the south section of Retail Row and look inside the last house on the right, you should find the duck inside. Also, check the northwestern house of the city area, the lucky Rubber Ducky is near the blue house.

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