Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead Coming to Fortnite

Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead Coming to Fortnite

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The Fortnite: Nightmares 2021 event is here, and Fortnite's new tarot cards hint that Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead may be getting a Fortnite Skin.
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It's as good as confirmed: a Rick Grimes Fortnite Skin is coming! | © Epic Games / AMC

October is here, and that means that the scary season is in full swing. The same goes for Fortnite, with Fortnite: Nightmares 2021 returning with a secret tarot card system. This same Tarot Card system is suggesting that Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead will get a Fortnite Skin.

A post on the official Fortnite website announces new and returning Halloween skins that are slated to appear later this month. Tarot cards provide clues as to which skins will gradually be revealed in the coming days, and the last card of the week strongly suggests that Rick Grimes could be coming to Fortnite. Rick's signature sheriff hat is the main symbol. Several weapons can also be seen in the background, including what looks like Michonne's katana and Negan's favorite baseball bat, Lucille. That makes it pretty clear, doesn't it?

When Will the Rick Grimes Skin be Released in Fortnite?

We expect that the Rick Grimes Skin will appear in the Fortnite Item Shop next Tuesday, October 12, at the latest. Frankenstein's Monster and The Mummy were recently revealed, and since the remaining cards from Week 1 – including the card with the Rick Grimes hat – will be revealed by October 12. We can expect to see it on or before that date.

How Much Does the Rick Grimes Skin Cost in Fortnite?

We don't yet know how many V-Bucks we'll have to fork out for the Rick Grimes Fortnite Skin. Assuming that it will cost as much as its colleague's Daryl Dixon and Michonne from the same fandom, there is a fair chance that it will also be priced at 1800 V-Bucks. Presumably, it will bring another style to the game, and a matching harvesting tool or back bling.

When Rick Grimes shows up in the Item Shop, his post-apocalyptic colleagues will likely be on sale again as well. This means that fans of The Walking Dead can likely snag the entire trio of survivors later this month. We'll stick around and report on whether this eventuates, so check back here for future information.

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This article was originally written by Alisa Eiber.