How To Play Different Game Modes in Fortnite

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How To Play Different Game Modes in Fortnite
The different ways to play Fortnite | © Epic Games/Jacob Oliver via Artstation

Fortnite has a bunch of different ways to play the game but starts with the three core play modes: Save the World, Battle Royal and Creative.

Fortnite has many different ways you can play its Battle Royale mode, which is the main way to play Fortnite. However, there are also some interesting game modes that drastically change the way you can play Fortnite. Winterfest is here for a few more days and contains a ton of ways to play Fortnite, but in snow!

What Are the Different Major Modes in Fortnite?

When we say Fortnite, we usually mean the Battle Royale mode, but it's no secret that Epic's game offers way more than that. There's a difference between game modes and core game modes. In total, there are three major game modes in Fortnite:

  • Battle Royale - the most famous mode that offers a classic battle royale experience and many variations
  • Creative - a sandbox mode that allows you to create your own modes with different rules
  • Save the World - Fortnite's PvE mode

What Are the Battle Royal Modes?

The Battle Royale modes are numerous and center around how many people you want on your team. The next is to decide how competitive you want your lobby to be? Ranked or friends only?

Different Battle Royale Modes:

  • Solo
  • Duos
  • Trios
  • Squads
  • Arenas (Solo/Duos/Trios)
  • Party Royale

What are the Current Featured LTM Modes in Fortnite?

LTMs often add a major twist to how you play Fortnite and might be anything from a deathmatch to race or to a more open-world experience. This section of the game has undergone some recent changes to the UI and now lists the main the LTM modes at the top of your screen.

Current Creative Tabs Fortnite:

  • Discover - a summary of fan-made and Epic-made modes organized by categories such as Drive, 1v1, Team Death Match, and more.
  • Winterfest - different game modes to celebrate the winter holidays.
  • My Library - a new way to keep track of your favorite game modes.
  • Create - a place to make your very own version of Fortnite.
  • Island Code - Play your friend's island or your favorite content creator's custom game by entering a specific code.

How To Complete “Play Different Game Modes”

In order to complete the play different game modes, you'll just have to select 'Creative' from the main menu when you launch Fortnite if you want to play the LTMs. Alternatively, you can 'Change' from the lobby screen and select any game mode currently available, including the various battle royale modes.

If you have a lot of time and creativity on your hands, you can even create your own version of Fortnite in creative mode. Find this under the 'Creative' option and then join your lobby, at this point, you will be teleported to an island where it features other popular LTMs and a place where you can create your own island. This mode is a blank slate with some tutorials and full access to an insane amount of creative tools to build your own custom version of Fortnite.