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Welcome the Alien Overlords with Gifts

Where to Place Welcome Gifts at Holly Hatchery in Fortnite Season 7

Welcome Gifts Fortnite Season 7
How to place Gifts in Holly Hatchery | © Epic Games

Week 5 Legendary Quest present you with the chance to earn some easy XP for your Fortnite Season 7 Battle Pass. Head over to Holly Hatchery to place welcome gifts for our future alien overlords as they slowly colonize the island of Fortnite. Let's look at where to place welcome gifts at Holly Hatchery

Something is happening at the once named Holly Hedges POI. It appears alien vegetation has started to grow and pink anti-gravity fields have also appeared. These pink anti-gravity fields are created by Alien Nanites and produce a Zero-G effect, where you can float through time and space. So, head on over to the eastern part of the island and check out the changes for yourself.

But, we are not here to play in Zero-Gs, there is important work to be done at Holly Hatchery. If you haven’t caught on yet, Holly Hedges has now been renamed to Holly Hatchery.

So, let’s place some welcome gifts at Holly Hatchery!

Where to Place Welcome Gifts at Holly Hatchery

Welcome Gifts Fortnite Season 7
Holly Hatchery has several locations | © Epic Games
  • Under the tree in the northeast corner of Holly Hatchery
  • In front of the house to the north
  • In front of and behind the house in the northeast corner of Holly Hatchery
  • Inside the house in the center of Holly Hatchery
  • Place two welcome gifts outside the house west
  • In the western corner of the parking lot
  • In front of and behind the house to the south of Holly Hatchery

You only need to place two welcome gifts in Holly Hatchery, so finding them should not be a problem because there are so many locations spread throughout the city. However, the difficult part will come from fighting other players who are also trying to do the same thing as you. Holly Hatchery is also a cool remade POI, so many players will be attracted here, naturally making this quest quite a challenge to complete.

Speaking of challenges, swing by our dedicated Challenge Guide Section and finish off the Week 4 challenges before they disappear from your quest log.

If you managed to place two welcome gifts at Holly Hatchery, you will be awarded 30K XP and your battle pass will thank you for your service. To help aid you in your quest, consider using one of our suggested loadouts from Fortnite Season 7.

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