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Where to Place Warning Signs in Fortnite Season 7

warning signs fortnite season 7
The end is near? | © Epic Games

Fortnite Season 7 just added new legendary quests, so that means there is XP to be earned towards your favorite Battle Pass cosmetics. We tell you where to place warning signs in Pleasant Park, Dirty Docks and Misty Meadows in this week’s legendary Fortnite quests.

There are several new legendary quests in the last week of Fortnite Season 7. We will definitely cover each one in our Challenges section, so go check that out if you’re looking for All Fortnite Season 7 Week 13 Challenges.

If you have been keeping track of quests this season, you will know we already had to place both welcome signs and the missing person signs, and now it's time to place warning signs in Fortnite!

Where to Place Warning Signs in Pleasant Park

Where to place warning signs fortnite
Only Three locations at the park | © Epic Games

Your first stop is Pleasant Park, and you’ll find the welcome sign locations all over the park.

  • Head towards the house in the northeast corner of the park and find the sign in front of the house between the trees.
  • At the top corners of the soccer field, you will find two signs hanging out on the street.

If you’re looking to hit up every sign, enter the park from the north for the most efficient route.

Where to Place Warning Signs in Dirty Docks

Fortnite Item Shop
Daily Skins | © Epic Games

The warning signs are mostly located in the northern parts of Dirty Docks, so look there first.

  • Head to the parking lot in the center of the docks and find the sign on the sidewalk next to the lot.
  • The north side of the large building in the center of dirty docks has the next sign also on the sidewalk.
  • On the corner of the building located northwest of the central parking lot has your last warning sign.

Most of the signs are located near the center Dirty Docks, so head there if you are looking to save time.

Where to Place Warning Signs in Misty Meadows

warning signs fortnite season 7
Each POI has 3 warning signs | © Epic Games

The warning signs are evenly spread apart, but all are located on the main road of Misty Meadows.

  • Find your first sign at the northern entrance next to the large house on the right. 
  • At the roundabout, the sign is located in front of the large house. 
  • Near the western entrance, as the road runs to the corner, the sign is located on the corner of the sidewalk.

Keep in mind each sign location can only be placed once per lobby. If another player beats you to the location first, you will need to find another location to interact with.

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