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Nvidia Making Fortnite Mobile Playable on iOS Again


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Nvidia is making Fortnite mobile playable on iOS again - rejoice Apple users. Now you can build and shoot and rage again like Fortnite never left. How is this possible? Well it certainly isn't due to any kind of settlement between Epic and Apple. That lawsuit will likely only go to court in May 2021. For now, the good news comes thanks to NVIDIA. More specifically, Nvidia's streaming service Geforce NOW.

GeForce NOW is a freemium streaming service that allows you to play games on hardware that otherwise would never be able to handle the graphics. Think Assassin's Creed on an outdated computer, for example. This is made possible thanks to Nvidia's strong servers that take care of the workload.

Now, normally, Apple doesn't allow streaming apps on iOS, but GeForce NOW sidesteps this by allowing you to stream via Safari.

GeForce NOW is slated to come to iOS before the holidays, so the wait is relatively short for all iOS Fortnite players – of which there are a solid 116 million.

Even better: Fortnite might just look better than ever before, thanks to Nvidia's servers handling the necessary power.

On the other hand, though, framerate and latency are entirely dependent on your connection to said servers, sooo... maybe not all will be perfect after all. We shall see. For now, the 2020 holidays can't come soon enough though.


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