All NPC Locations in Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 1

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Along with Chapter 3, a lot of new characters have arrived on the Fortnite island Artemis. These NPCs give you access to weapons, quests and special items like rifts and disguises, so it's important to know their exact location. Let's take a look at all the NPC locations on the new map.
Fortnite NPC Character Locations Chapter 3
Fortnite's characters have some cool stuff for you. | © Epic Games

The island of Chapter 2 has flipped and brought Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 1 into the game with a completely new map as well as new functions and features like sliding or swinging. And maybe you've already come across one or two of the island's inhabitants on your journey to discover all the new locations.

As always, these characters have some pretty neat stuff for you, selling you cool mythical, or exotic weapons, rifts, or letting you hire them to fight with you on the island.

To prepare you for battle, we've compiled a list of all the NPC characters on Fortnite's island.

All NPC Character Locations on the Chapter 3 Map

Fortnite NPC Character Locations
Here you can find all 20 characters on the island. | © Epic Games

It's important to note that some characters don't stay on their spawn point, but wander around on a set path. Also, certain characters have multiple spawn points or share their spawn location. For example, at The Joneses location, there are five characters, but only two of them appear randomly per match. So if you don't find a certain character, either he hasn't spawned or another player has already killed the NPC. The best thing to do is to start a new round. But for now, let's turn our attention to the 20 character spawn points.

#1 The Visitor

The Visitor is loitering near the launch pads, on the largest island in the east of the map, east of Sanctuary.

#2 The Scientist

The Scientist spawns on the roof of one of the three large buildings to the north, west, or south of Sanctuary. For 500 bars, he will also sell you the exotic Hop Rock Dualies. You can also get a shield keg from him for 250 gold bars.

#3 Agent Jones

Agent Jones has 4 different spawn points:

  • At the I Outpost of the Seven on the southwestern edge of the map.
  • At the II Outpost of the Seven on the mountain northwest of Logjam Lumberyard.
  • At the III Outpost of the Seven, near the northeastern edge of the map.
  • At the IV Outpost of the Seven, east of Chonkers Speedway.

#4 The Foundation

The Foundation aka The Rock spawns in the center of Sanctuary and wanders around. You can get the mythical Foundation MK-7 assault rifle from him. However, you'll have to defeat him for it, and that's no easy feat. His HP is insane and he even throws stones at you. But it's worth it for the mythical OP weapon.

Fortnite Jonesy Locations
This is where our jonesy hangsout. | © Epic Games

#5 Bunker Jonesy

Bunker-Jonesy can be found by the trailer to the southwest of The Joneses. He sells the exotic The Dub for 600 bars.

#6 Ludwig

Ludwig is located in the red wooden hut in the northwest of The Joneses.

#7 Brainiac

The zombie is in the large dark green wooden shack in the east of The Joneses.

#8 Mullet Marauder

You can find Mullet Fatso in the wooden hut in the northeast of The Joneses.

#9 Jonesy the First

Jonesy the First can be found in the blue-gray wooden hut with the solar panels in the northeast of The Joneses.

Fortnite Camp Cuddle
Our cuddly friends are located at Camp Cuddle. | © Epic Games

#10 Cuddle Team Leader

The Cuddle Team Leader patrols between the two pink log cabins to the north of Camp Cuddle.

#11 Metal Team Leader

The small east log cabin with the gray roof in the south of Camp Cuddle is where the metal officer is located

#12 Quacking

In the small middle log cabin with the yellow roof in the south of Camp Cuddle is the Gadwall Duck among all the other ducks.

#13 Cuddle Pool

Cuddle Pool can be found in the last log cabin with the red roof in the south of Camp Cuddle.

Greasy Grove Fortnite
NPCs located in Greasy Grove. | © Epic Games

#14 Guaco

Behind the counter of the TACO restaurant in the north of Greasy Grove is Guaco. He sells you 5 chili chug packs.

#15 Lil'Whip

He patrols the Hydro 16 main building below the dam wall.

#16 Bao Bros

Bao Bro can be found in the gas station building in the southeast of Greasy Grove.

#17 Tomato Head

Tomato Head can be found in the camping store in the center of Greasy Grove.

#18 Mancake

Mancake is out at the butter shack southwest of Rocky Reels. He sells the exotic Marksman Six Shooter for 400 bars.

#19 Shanta

Shanta is located at the three rock pillars in the southwest of the map, southwest of Condo Canyon.

#20 Lt. John Lama

In the butter shack southwest of Rocky Reels is Lt. John Lama. He will sell you the exotic boom sniper rifle for 600 bar as well as the shield keg for 250 bars.

Every NPC in Fortnite Chapter 3 will sell you or drop you some item. This can start with a normal medikit and end with an epic MK-7. For some items, you will have to pay with gold bars to get the item.

It should also be mentioned that if you ever shoot at an NPC, they will suddenly become hostile and shoot back at you. In most cases, it's better to just run away, otherwise you risk getting killed by them. And you don't want that, do you? But don't worry, if you put some distance between you and there is no other player around, he will also de-aggro after a while.

And you're done! Now you know where each NPC is located in Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 1. Hopefully this is helpful in finding your new Fortnite favorite.