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Ninja Quits Competitive Valorant, Teases a Return to Fortnite

Ninja Quits Competitive Valorant, Teases a Return to Fortnite
Ninja back to Fortnite? (Credit: Ninja via Twitch)

Tyler Blevins better known as simply Ninja announced he's done with competitive Valorant and might be making a return to Fortnite. The famous streamer teased fans on Twitter yesterday but we have yet to see him in Epic's battle royale.

When you think about Fortnite there are numerous influencers and streamers but one certainly stands out - Tyler "Ninja" Blevins. Ninja became the biggest streamer on Twitch with Fortnite and played Epic's battle royale for a long time before eventually ditching it. The last time that happened was because of Valorant but things have changed.

Ninja Done With Valorant

Lately, Ninja was focused on playing competitive Valorant with his team but it appears that will no longer be the case. In one of his latest streams from a few days back, Ninja shared that he'll be stepping away from the Valorant esports scene.

In the same stream, he was seen playing League of Legends and not Valorant so maybe he's taking a break off the tactical shooter for good.

A Return to Fortnite?

With the Valorant pro scene out of the way, we'll probably see more Ninja streams in the near future. Just yesterday, the player posted a Tweet with an image that was showing a Fortnite update.

Ninja was allegedly done with Fortnite back in February when he said that he doesn't play it anymore. The reason? Stream snipers and hackers, at least according to Blevins. This wasn't the first time Ninja called it quits with Fortnite only to return to the battle royale further down the line. Whether he'll be back with regular Fortnite streams remains to be seen but for now, it's highly unlikely as Ninja seems to be focusing on other games.

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