Ninja Won't Come Back to Competitive Fortnite | EarlyGame
Not until it makes sense

Ninja Won't Come Back to Competitive Fortnite

Ninja not returning to pro play
Ninja doesn't want to play competitive Fortnite anymore. (Credit: CNBC)

Ninja is popular in large part thanks to Fortnite and vice versa. Those hoping to see the blue-haired streamer return to playing the Battle Royale competitively are going to be disappointed though. Ninja will not play competitive Fortnite anymore.

Ninja and Fortnite are like peanut butter and jelly. If you had hoped to see him engage in competitive play anytime soon, however, you would be let down.

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Ninja: Not Playing Competitive Fortnite, Until...

Ninja was casually streaming Final Fantasy XIV when a question came from the chat: is he ever returning to Fortnite comp? The answer was plain and simple: no. There was a little PS message at the end that left the door open. Ninja is not playing Fortnite competitively – until it makes sense. That statement is as open-ended as can be, so we won't place any bets, but it's better than nothing.

The streamer further elaborated that he simply does not want to be dragged back into that "competitive sh*t". That we can understand. Being a pro player in any game is much more demanding than most give it credit. Why would someone as big as Ninja go back to that grind?

This statement follows on Blevins quitting competitive Valorant just last week, so it's safe to assume he is looking for a more laid-back daily gaming routine for the time being.

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