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Get Griddy, people!

NFL Player Justin Jefferson Gets His Own Emote in Fortnite

Justin Jefferson Griddy Fortnite
Jefferson is honored in a very special way in Fortnite. (Credit: Epic Games)

NFL player Justin Jefferson is also on track to become the first American football player to be featured in Fortnite! Learn all about the "Get Griddy" dance here.

Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Justin Jefferson has been featured in more video games than most NFL players. Now he's even getting the honor of being featured in Fortnite! The "Get Griddy" dance that Jefferson often does will soon be integrated into the game!

When Will the “Get Griddy” Emote Appear in Fortnite?

The "Get Griddy" emote will hit the item store on Wednesday, 4/28, Epic Games announced. Justin Jefferson will also be the first NFL player to have a Locker Bundle. You don't know the dance? Well, for those of you unaware, here's the video:

What Is Included in the Justin Jefferson Locker Bundle?

Justin Jefferson is not only happy about his new emote – he is also the first NFL player to receive his own Locker Bundle. The following cosmetics are included:

  • Hit Man Outfit
  • Hit Me! Back Bling
  • Get Griddy Emote
  • Signature Shuffle Emote
  • Weathered Gold Pickaxe
  • Arcade Kid Wrap
Justin Jefferson Griddy Fortnite bundle
The Bundle is a must for every NFL fan! (Credit: Epic Games)

Apparently, Jefferson started playing Fortnite with family and friends back in 2017 when the game came out. In the meantime, he doesn't play it as often as he used to but still seems to have his fun with the battle royale shooter.

Jefferson didn't invent the dance – it was actually Allen Davis who first performed it. Jefferson, however, has been working on bringing the dance to a video game for some time. When asked recently if Get Griddy will be a touchdown celebration in "Madden," he explained:

"Not yet. That's been my goal all season. Hopefully we can still do it."

Well, in the meantime we can enjoy the dance in Fortnite!


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Original article by EarlyGame's Alisa Eiber.