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Neymar, Ninja & Grefg Streaming Fortnite Tonight: How to Watch

Ninja and Neymar are streaming Fortnite
Neymar and Ninja are teaming up with Grefg for a Fortnite stream. (Credit: Neymar via Instagram)

Footballing sensation Neymar and streaming legend Ninja are teaming up together with Grefg and Flakes Power for a massive Fortnite stream. How to watch? We will tell you.

If you follow sports, then you have probably heard the term All-Star game. It's this big event where all the best and most popular players from different teams gather together for one huge match. That's kind of what's happening tonight.

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Neymar, Ninja & Grefg Streaming Fortnite 

Ninja is one of the biggest streamers we've ever seen, if not the biggest. Given that the game that made him so popular is Fortnite, collaborative streams within the Battle Royale are nothing extraordinary for the blue-haired streamer. His next guest star is somewhat popular himself.

Brazilian football player Neymar is only among the most popular names in the most popular sport in the world. He is also a keen gamer, as he's proven many times in the past. His tens of millions of followers will now have the opportunity to see his skills on the Fortnite map, next to Ninja and other streamers like Grefg and Flakes Power.

Neymar, Ninja, Grefg Fortnite Stream: How to Watch & Starting Time

Brazilians already saw when in Neymar's tweet: today, at 4pm local time. For the rest, here are a few time stamps across the world:

  • 12pm PDT
  • 3pm EDT
  • 8pm BST
  • 9pm CEST
  • 3am (tomorrow) CST
  • 4am (tomorrow) JST

As to where to watch, every one of the participants has their own channel. Flakes Power on YouTube, the rest - on Twitch. The stream will mainly run on Ninjas Twitch channel, but it's possible that the other streamers will have it running as well. Here are the links to all the channels:

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