Is New York Being Added to Fortnite?

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Will players be able to go to New York in Fortnite?
Fortnite Tilted Towers
We know Tilted Towers is coming back, but will it look like this? | © Epic Games

In Fortnite Chapter 3 we got Spiderman and where does our favorite superhero live? Well, New York of course! Right now it’s hard to travel abroad thanks to a certain pandemic, so why not travel… virtually?

Well, Fortnite might just open up the gates for us to visit one of the most magnificent cities on the planet. Why we think that will happen and how we know is going to be explained right here.

Why Might New York Be Added to Fortnite?

So, we know that Tilted Towers is making a comeback in this chapter, right? And it just feels like Epic is going bigger and better with this new chapter than ever before right? Well, there are a few hints that Tilted Towers will come back as New York.

If you go on Creative Mode, there is an asset that lets you build skyscrapers. But not just any old boring skyscrapers. These are some of the most memorable buildings from any movie you’ve seen. The Chrysler Building, the Empire State Building and the One World Trade Center.

What is odd though is that it comes under Tilted Towers… is this just a funny coincidence? Probably not, there are no funny coincidences in Fortnite.

Fortnite New York
You can see it right there! | © Epic Games

Will New York be Playable?

You’ll probably be able to swing around and build all over New York in future updates. Of course, if you’ve got a Spiderman skin this will be even more epic since you’ll feel right at home as Peter Parker.

Of course, other challenges and assets that are still to be added are Tornados, which could take hold of New York aka Tilted Towers. Or you can enjoy some New York pizza while you’re there with Pizza slices.

So much to do and see, just don’t get killed while you’re there!