New Member of Fornite's Seven Leaked!

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We have four confirmed members of The Seven in Fortnite but a 5th was leaked by an unexpected source: a Fortnite survey released by Epic Games themselves!
Fortnite Seven Leaked
The 5th member of the Seven? | © Epic Games

Season 1 of Chapter 3 is popping off! To make things even better, we are getting treated to some awesome free stuff during the Winterfest event! While most of us are distracted by the shiny new island, battle pass, and new weapons, the Fortnite leakers are always watchful and keep us in the loop!

Hypex, again, has a leak that suggests that an image of the 5th member of the Seven has been leaked! Fortnite lore nerds will know who the Seven are, but for us sweaty lobby grinders, we probably couldn't even tell you what season of the game we are currently in! All we know is this is the Web-shooter season.

Who are the Known Members of the Seven?

So far in Fortnite, we only know four members of The Seven:

  • The Foundation: aka the people's elbow Rock the Dwayne Johnson
  • The Scientist: "His mission is unknown"
  • The Visitor: A super rare skin because it was so dang hard to unlock
  • The Paradigm: "Her allegiance is unknown"

Apparently, The Seven have sworn to free us from the Zero Point and break the loop. The loop is the island we are trapped on and forced to fight in an endless cycle, thus, a gameplay loop.

Think of the island of Fornite is like the hub of a multiverse and that's why we can find Spider-Man, Chris Redfield, and even Ariana Grande all in the same game. Fortnite is kind of like an airport waiting lobby: people from all walks of life and all places on the earth!

If you were counting, that leaves 3 members of The Seven we have not seen, but we do know their names: the Two Sisters and The Origin. If you go check out the Sanctuary on the Artemis map (current map of Fortnite), this is where their hideout is apparently located. Also, you can find Totems of The Seven members around the Sanctuary that give you a little more lore. Now, onto the leak!

The Survey Leaked The Seven!

Epic Games often puts out a survey to ask fans what skins they would like to see in the game. This is where we got our leak about another member of The Seven. In this survey, which has often been a source of leaks, it was revealed what The Origin will look like:

The Origin is the robot-looking dude with pink glowing hands. If you haven't noticed it already, all members of The Seven wear this signature armor/facemask suit which makes them look like androids or cyborgs.

Now that we have seen nearly all members of The Seven, the only two that remain are the Sisters who are theorized to be twins. Whether they will have identical skins remains to be seen, and we can only wait until Epic reveals what the final two members look like. Maybe one day in the distant future, we can finally see what the heck this secret organization has been planning all these years and if they can truly end the loop.