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All Leaked Fortnite Cosmetics in Patch 17.20

fortnite cosmetics leak ghost & shadow
Ghost and Shadow Henchmen Skins may soon be available to buy from the store! | © Epic Games

New Fortnite Cosmetics have leaked in Fortnite Update 17.20. The latest update has revealed a number of new Fortnite Cosmetics that may be coming in future events. Here are all the leaked cosmetics from Fortnite v17.20, including the new skins and weapons leaked in the update.

Seriously? There are new skins and weapons coming to Fortnite? What a surprise! Well, not really, but you will be excited to hear that new Fortnite cosmetics have been leaked from the Fortnite Update 17.20 game files. It's time to check out what was leaked, including all the leaked Fortnite cosmetics in v17.20, and the reintroduction of the Ghost and Shadow Henchmen...

It seems that v17.20 has added not just some content and bug fixes, but a bunch of hidden cosmetics. That being said, the leaked Fortnite Cosmetics aren't all that you should be excited about in Fortnite at the moment!

All Fortnite Cosmetics Leaked in Patch 17.20

  • New Customizable "Wrap Skin" Outfits
  • Ghost and Shadow Henchmen Skins
  • New Slurp filled warrior Rippley Summer Variant
  • New Aquari-Axe Pickaxe
  • New Pepper Throne and Guilder Guy skins
  • Pride-themed Sprays
  • Various other Fortnite Cosmetics

Dataminers have checked out the game files, and have discovered a huge selection of additional Fortnite cosmetics. These leaked Fortnite cosmetics will likely be added over the next few weeks, and the above list is a collection of the key-takeaways. Here is everything leaked in Update 17.20:

Fortnite Cosmetics Leak: What Are Wrap Skins?

New Wrap Skins have been leaked in Fortnite v17.20, and are new customizable Outfits that allow you to integrate Weapon Wraps into your skins. Basically, you will be able to choose a Wrap that you have no use for, and apply it to your agent's skin. How cool is that? This new feature looks pretty sweet, if it turns out to be accurate. For a breakdown of what this new feature will look like, check out the video below.

Fortnite Cosmetics Leak: Are the Ghost and Shadow Henchman Returning?

The Fortnite cosmetics leak in Update 17.20 almost-confirms that Ghost and Shadow Henchmen skins will become available in the item shop. There are two styles that have been discovered, and this will surely get fans excited. Ghost and Shadow were introduced in Chapter 2, and have been fan-favorites ever since, with players able to temporarily disguise themselves as this iconic duo. Now, it looks like we might even be able to purchase them as skins in the item shop, and thus become the Ghost and Shadow Henchmen on a more permanent basis.

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