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Of course, they had to end it with a bang!

LEAK: Fortnite Season 5 Finale Events

LEAK: Fortnite Season 5 Finale Events
Zero Point is where it'll all end. (Credit: Epic Games)

With Fortnite Season 5 coming to a close very soon, everyone can’t help but wonder what Epic Games has planned for the Fortnite Season 5 finale. A leaker might have found out what it is!

Season 5 of Fortnite will end super soon, and you’re probably remembering some of the past events that showcased just how serious Epic takes these events. No wonder that everyone is now beginning to speculate what the Season 5 finale of Fortnite will look like.

And you know Fortnite and its dataminers… of course, somebody figured something out.

LEAK: Fortnite Season 5 Finale Events
Zero Point is getting less stable by the day. No coincidence. (Credit: Epic Games)

The Zero Point is becoming more unstable by the day. If you come too close to it, you’re plagued by visual effects and noises. Surely a hint for what the future — or rather the end — of Fortnite Season 5 has in store, right?


Dataminer Mang0e said that there might not just be one, but more events happening in regards to the finale leading up to the big boom.


And this isn’t the only leak that we got in regards to the Season 5 finale of Fortnite. Another dataminer, HYPEX found some Zero Point Destabilize Sounds.

No idea what those two could mean, but it looks like Epic has something big up their sleeves. We surely can't wait for it and hope you'll stick around on EarlyGame for future Fortnite updates!

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