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Leak: Fortnite Season 6 Will Get Raptors & More!

Fortnite Season 6 Weapons Items Animals Raptors
Fortnite Season 6 has raptors, because... Because. (Credit: Epic / CharlieIntel)

Fortnite Season 6 started with... a lot. Fortnite being Fortnite though, Chapter 2 Season 6 still has a lot in store for us. How do raptors and a weapon that shoots junk sound?

First things, first – catch all your Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 news right here:

Now, did somebody say Fortnite is getting raptors, a junk-shooting weapon, raptors, other crazy weapons and raptors?

What Weapons Are Coming to Fortnite in Season 6?

  • Deadfire's Marksman Six Shooter
  • Lara Croft's Grappler Bow
  • Rebirth Raven's Unstable Bow

That's not even it though: We will also get new crafting combinations, a Junk Gun that shoots materials and raptors. F***ing Raptors!! Yup... Fortnite is just casually adding dinosaurs. Why? Because, clearly, Fortnite was missing raptors and a Jurassic Park crossover.

If you wanna read it all from the source, we suggest you head on over to HYPEX Twitter account – he is the data miner bringing this news your way. 

Fortnite really has no chill whatsoever. How does one game have this much content? Anybody else think that Fortnite will eventually become Ready Player One come true? I got this feeling, peeps, I got this tingling in my dingaling that this game will eventually change the landscape of gaming...  


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