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This Aussie YouTuber finally gets his own skin!

LazarBeam Gets His Own Fortnite Icon Series Skin

lazar beam fortnite skin
The next YouTube star joins Fortnite! (Credit: Epic Games)

When the video premiered, around 300,000 people tuned in live. LazarBeam confirmed that he is indeed getting his own Icon Series skin in Fortnite, which should be released very soon. We have all the info for you, and show you how to get the skin for free.

LazarBeam, an extremely popular and well-known YouTuber, is now also immortalized in Fortnite with his own skin. The recognition follows other big names like Ninja, Loserfruit, Lachlan, and TheGrefg. 300,000 of LazarBeam's 18 million subscribers tuned in live to be a part of the unveil, and after one day, more than 3 million fans have now watched the reveal on YouTube.

What Does the LazarBeam Skin Look Like?

In the video reveal, LazarBeam was in the exact place where he started as a construction worker a few years ago, before making it big as a Fortnite Content Creator. That's were the inspiration for this skin came from, he said...

“I honestly thought it would be pretty fun to bring an Australian tradie to Fortnite,” he explained, before showing off a similarly themed emote where he sits down to enjoy a tasty meat pie. Oh, 'tradie' means a tradesperson... you know, like a construction worker, plumber, whatever... Sound like cringe? Well, if you are an Aussie like I am, then you will be feeling really uncomfortable right now. Seriously, what the f**k?

In addition to the skin and emote, there's also a sledgehammer pickaxe, and a gingerbread man BackBling. The Cosmetics have the following names:

  • Outfit “Lazarbeam”
  • Emote “Lunch Break”
  • Pickaxe “Good Old Hammer”
  • Back Accessory “Little Gingerbread Man”
Fortnite Skin Lazerbeam
Okay, even as a LazarBeam fan, you have to a admit that this set is a little... corny. (Credit: Epic Games)

Like the “Lazarbeam” outfit, there are two different styles for the “Good Old Hammer” pickaxe (each has a different size).

Also, a fun little detail is that LazarBeam's Creator Code has been immortalized on the arm of the skin.

LazarBeam Skin Release Date and Price

The skin will hit the item store on March 4, and will cost between 18,00 and 2,200 V-Bucks. All items in LazarBeam's set are available individually or as part of the LazarBeam package.

Lazar & Fresh
Lazar & Fresh's Super Knockback Tournament starts as early as tomorrow, so get playing! (Credit: Epic Games)

How to get the LazarBeam Skin for Free

Players can earn the skin a day early by participating in Lazar & Fresh's Super Knockback Tournament on March 3. The tournament was inspired by LazarBeam's favorite weapon, the stone knockback pistol. In this tournament, players can unlock the LazarBeam package!


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Originally written by Alisa Eiber.