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KYMERA RAY GUN Location Guide

Where to Get The Alien Weapon: The Kymera Ray Gun

Fortnite Alien Kymera Ray Gun Location
Where can you get this IO Tech Weapon? | © Epic Games

Fortnite Season 7 is here and the introduction of sweet alien weapons has once again shaken things up. Today we are hunting down the Kymera Ray Gun and rumors are the Alien Trespasser NPCs have a higher drop rate.

Fortnite’s Mythic Weapons have kind of returned, but not really. Instead, Fortniters can enjoy a list of cool IO Tech Weapons and these new guns have been dubbed with the unofficial title of Alien Weapons. We have already successfully located the Rail Gun and Doctor Slone’s Pulse Rifle.

Now, let’s hunt down Alien Trespassers and get a Kymera Ray Gun!

How To Get Kymera Ray Gun in Fortnite Season 7?

If you really want to get the Kymera Ray Gun for your loadout, then you need to find the UFOs on the Season 7 Map and defeat the Trespasser NPCs guarding them.

Where are the UFOs & Trespassers on the Season 7 Map?

The UFOs can be found hovering above certain places across the island. This changes from match-to-match, but you can tell exactly where they are from the very start by looking at the map, and finding which named locations are in purple, with a shimmering effect.

Kymera Ray Gun Stats

  • Damage: 9-11 per shot
  • Magazine Size: 100,000 shots
  • Fire Rate: 15 shots per second
  • Reload Time: It doesn't reload. After ceasing fire, it has a 2.5 seconds cool down.

Now, this gun actually feels like an Alien Weapon! The Kymera Ray Gun is not your typical Fortnite weapon because it never stops firing until you let go of the trigger, or it runs out of ammo. If you do stop firing then you cannot fire for another 2.5 seconds, so we definitely suggest swapping to another weapon in the meantime.

Another strange thing about Kymera Ray Gun is the fact it does not damage builds, so we are really wondering if it is any good at all. We will let the Fortnite pros decide its fate, but until then have fun shooting off a literal 100k shots in a strange display of alien fireworks.

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