The Banhammer Hits Again

FNCS Champion KEZ Banned After Cheating in Frosty Frenzy Tournament


Fortnite pro KEZ allegedly used sof-aim-cheats. (Image Credit: Epic Games)

KEZ, a former FNCS champion, has been permanently banned from Fortnite after being caught using soft-aiming hacks in the middle of a Frosty Frenzy event.

The Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) Chapter 2 Season 1 champion, known as KEZ, was hit by the banhammer during the winter-themed Frosty Frenzy tournament. At the time, KEZ was participating in the trio tournament along with his teammates Ghost nanolite and CizLucky. The two players witnessed KEZ leaving the game and quickly realized he was banned. The pro player deactivated his Twitter account shortly after a viral clip started circulating online, which seems rather suspicious.

What Happened?

Fortnite commentator AussieAntics was clipping a part of nanolite's stream while the ban was happening. The three players were just rotating and looting when KEZ suddenly left the game.

"Why did he just leave?" yelled CizLucky. "He got banned! What the f**k?" He could barely be heard over nanolite, who was also stunned and confused.

KEZ finally explained the situation to his teammates after the game. He said he had been suspended for "a very long time," but left out all the important details.

Five minutes later, rumors spread that he was using soft-aim hacks. The Fortnite competitive community exploded in outrage which led to KEZ deactivating his social media, including Twitter and Instagram, out of shame. KEZ's YouTube channel remained intact, with him last posting a week ago.

Former pro player Beehive even received evidence that KEZ bought the soft aim cheats directly from the provider, known as TankedGG. The former Fortnite champion allegedly tried to chargeback the $400 hack, which led to all the details being leaked. The PayPal purchase receipt appears to be genuine, considering KEZ's full name – Kalvin Dam – and his business email address are on it. The cheat-provider contacted CizLucky on December 5 and informed him about the situation. However, the latter did not believe that the allegations were true.

CizLucky stated on Twitter, that he was too naïve to believe he was being told the truth about KEZ using hacks.

Nanolite and CizLucky played with KEZ for 15 hours yesterday. Both players came forward on Twitter to say that they would not receive any of their winnings from Frosty Frenzy. Those winnings included $1.8K from the early session on day two. It is unclear who else might be affected by this situation, considering that KEZ won the grand championship in Chapter 2 Season 1. That team consisted of Dominik "UnknownArmy" Green, StableRonaldo from NRG, and Avery from Cloud9.

Since KEZ deleted himself from social media, we may never know the real reason or length of his ban. We know that Epic Games imposes strict penalties on players who use third-party cheats though. We will see if KEZ will comment on this in the future, or if it will stay quiet around the former FNCS champion.

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Original article by EarlyGame's Alisa Eiber.

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