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Well, that's a big, juicy prize!

Join Rival Rock's Fortnite Tournament Tonight To Win 500€ Jackpot!

Rival Rock partner
Rival Rock run fantastic Fortnite tournaments - just like the one tonight, which has a whopping €500 cash prize! (Credit: Rival Rock / EarlyGame)

Today at 18:30 CET, Rival Rock will be hosting their next tournament with Warlegends! The tournament will be a warm-up competition, with a 500 cash prize, and will be live on Rival Rock's Twitch channel!

Not only can you take a watch, but you can also participate using their sign-up process! If you are super keen to fight it out for a €500 prize in Fortnite, then it's time to join their Discord channel, and follow the signup process! Be quick though, because the tournament starts at 18:30 CET! So super soon!

The instructions to join are all in the discord channel, but all you really need to do is register yourself at Warlegends and link your Discord account to this new account. Once you are done with that, download the client and join the Rival Rock Room and create your trio. Once this is all finished up, you just need to keep your WLS client open whilst you are playing, to track your stats.

Remember! The tourney starts at 18:30 CET, so GET IN FAST! Rival Rock are super cool and have some great events up their sleeve, so stay tuned for more from them in the future. Check out their website for all their future events and content.

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