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Join Rival Rock’s Fortnite Duos Tournament!

Rival Rock Fortnite Duos Tournament
Don't miss Rival Rock's Fortnite tournament!

Rival Rock's Fortnite Duos tournament is already underway but fear not as you can still join in! Here's everything you need to know about the event!

If you were looking for a Fortnite tournament to join we might have found the answer for you. Rival Rock is holding yet another Fortnite event and this time it's all about Duos, so you'll only need one friend to play with you. This isn't the first time Rival Rock organizes a Fortnite Duos tourney, as we've seen one recently.

Now the tradition continues with another Fortnite Duos. We already saw the standings after day one and the players that qualified.

Rival Rock Fortnite Duos Format

The event will have a total of six qualifiers and only 9 teams per qualifier will make it. That's a total of 54 teams from the qualifiers alone. 14 teams will receive a direct invitation and 32 will make it through "consistency". The final result is 100 teams split into the two semi-finals followed by a grand final to decide the winners!

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How do I join the Rival Rock Fortnite Duos?

Now that's a good question. Day 1 was held yesterday, April 7, 18:30 CEST. There are five more qualifiers on the way, but the exact time is still to be announced. In order to keep track of the announcements, your best bet would be the Rival Rock Discord server. There you can find all the information regarding the Fortnite tournament including registration. We'll give you a hint, the next two qualifiers are set for Sunday (April 11) and Tuesday (April 13). 12 000 players already joined!

Prize Pool

The total amount of prize money sits at €1000. The prizes will be distributed as follows:

  • 1st place - €400
  • 2nd place - €300
  • 3rd place - €200
  • 4th place - €100

EarlyGame Talk in the finals

On the day of the finals, you can expect some more EarlyGame as our very own Alisa Eiber will be joining the discussion. Just like last time.

Make sure you don't miss it! Will you take part in the Rival Rock Fortnite Duos tournament?

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