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What would that even look like?

Is Neymar Coming To Fortnite?

Is Neymar Joining Fortnite?
Simps, you better prepare yourself for this one. (Credit: Areajugones)

Fortnite Skins have been hugely popular in Fortnite Season 5, with almost every genre having been explored at this point. But now, it looks as if Fortnite is also collaborating with sports stars, in particular, Paris Saint Germain player Neymar.

So, if you’ve been following our FIFA section for a while, you might have noticed that famous soccer player Neymar hasn’t really come up much lately. That’s because he has been injured for a while now. And you all know what happens to rich people being bored. They get into gaming.

As for Neymar, instead of choosing something close to home like FIFA, he chose Fortnite… apparently.


Is Neymar Coming To Fortnite?

Let’s break down the reasons why we think Neymar is soon coming to Fortnite (one way or another). The video above shows Neymar’s No. 10 jersey and if you’re like “That’s not nearly enough evidence”, Neymar actually retweeted this.

If he had nothing to do with this, we doubt that he’d go out of his way to retweet this. No, as Season 6 is right around the corner, both Epic and Neymar seem like they are teasing something big here.

And it would make sense.

The start of Season 6 is a huge event and even though it will be single-player for the first time ever, it will also be streamed for those that want to watch it with others. Now, since thousands, if not millions of people are watching… why not toss a Neymar in there?


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