Complete the Mandalorian Skin Challenge

How to Upgrade the Mandalorian Fortnite Skin to Beskar

Fortnite mando beskar

Upgrade your Mandalorian skin with this simple guide (Image Credit: Epic Games)

Fortnite Season 5 let the hype-hunt begin. Ascend to true Mandalorian glory by completing a series of Fortnite challenges to receive an upgraded Beskar Mando Skin! If you can’t say that three times fast, then no worries because we got all the details right here!

Let’s hook you up with some Beskar and thus an upgraded Mando skin. Follow these easy steps to complete the Beskar Steel challenge and get that shiny indestructible metal.

Step 1: Get Out Your Wallet!

You must purchase the Season 5 Battle Pass to unlock the basic-boy Mando Skin and then you can begin your journey to obtain the mighty Beskar skin upgrade in Fortnite.

Step 2: Visit the Razorcrest

The Razorcrest can be found north of Lazy Lake or southeast of the new Colossal Coliseum POI. Jump on top of the ship and the Razorcrest POI should be discovered and The Mandalorian’s right shoulder Beskar pauldron (shoulder piece, but you knew that right?) will be yours.

Step 3: Complete 5 Weapons Specialist Accolades

Deal enough damage to another player or get enough kills to earn an accolade. You need to complete 5 separate quests for this challenge. These can be easily done during the course of any given match and after 5 accolades you will receive the left Beskar pauldron.

Step 4: In The Belly Of The Shark

For the Left Thigh Piece of Mando’s Beskar armor, Fortnite players will need to go to the unnamed “Shark” POI location above Coral Castle. Find the now opened vault to receive your Beskar Prize which is simply sitting on a shelf.

Step 5: Where the Earth Meets the Sky

Bust out your hiking boots or flying machine and head to the southeast corner of the map. Head to Catty Corner POI and climb to the top of Mount Kay, find the chest near the flagpole. Make sure to equip the basic Mando Skin before opening the chest to get the Beskar Left Bracer.

Step 6: Defeat Ruckus

Ruckus is an NPC west of Slurpy Swamp hiding in a shack just north of Misty Meadows. Come ready for a shootout as he is no easy kill, but a decent loadout should secure the kill.

Almost there Fortniters, this challenge has more steps than it honestly needs, come on Epic, why so hard?

Step 7: Complete Any Legendary Quest

Not much to say here, the legendary quests change each week and usually take a few matches to grind out depending on which one you get. So, just go do it, what are you waiting for? Are you doing it yet?

Step 8: Collect 500 Gold Bars

You get gold bars from doing almost everything in Fortnite Season 5. Break stuff, get kills, do quests or complete Bounties all these things will give you that sweet sweet gold!

Step 9: Complete any Bounty

Find Mancake (did someone say, PANCAKES!? I freaking love pancakes) and receive a bounty to hunt down a player in your current lobby. You have a limited amount of time to kill them but you should receive the player’s name and skin, so you can hunt them down on the map. This is the way, Bounty Hunter!

Good luck on your hunt, in securing the Beskar Armor for The Mandalorian. Season 5 is somehow as good or better than Season 4! Fortnite is the premier battle royale and continues to remain on the top.

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