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Car Modding is finally here!

How to Upgrade or Mod Cars in Fortnite Season 6: Chonkers Tires

Fortnite S6 Chonker Tires
Sweet ride bro! (Credit: Epic Games)

A much-awaited feature to Fortnite has finally been added to Fortnite Season 6: upgrading or modding cars. The 16.20 update has brought a new set of tires to mod your car with, but what do they do? We take a look at the Chonkers tires!

The Chonkers tires in Fortnite
are a new way for you to mod the cars in Fortnite Season 6. They let your car climb up hills and mountains much easier. These tires give your car a better grip, so you can go off-road, in case shooting and looting has lost their appeal.

How to Upgrade A Car with the Chonkers in Fortnite:

  1. Go to the garage in Catty Corner.
  2. Go to the new garage building where the NPC Sparkplug spawns.
  3. The Chonkers tires are lying on the ground.
  4. Pick them up - (haha, yeah no joke don't forget this key step!)
  5. Find a car you want to mod.
  6. Press and hold aim to throw the Chonkers tires at the car you want to mod.
  7. Live out our off-road, dreams but in Fortnite!

Where do the Chonkers Tires Spawn?

Fortnite S6 Chonker Tires
One of the many spawn locations of Chonker Tires (Credit: Epic Games)

A bunch of new buildings that look like garages spawn around the Season 6 Fortnite island, and inside each one there should be a set of Chonkers tires. Catty Corner was mentioned above but is not the only location they can appear.

We can definitely see Epic Games adding more car mod items to Fortnite Season 6 and the Fortnite leakers have found some pretty strong evidence for mounted car guns eventually coming to the game.

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