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How To Raid an Artifact in Fortnite

How to Raid an Artifact in Fortnite
One of the artifacts in Coral Castle. (Credit: Epic Games)

The challenges for Fortnite Season 6 Week 12 are out and most of them are quite easy to complete. The one that truly stands out is "Raid an artifact from Stealthy Stronghold and from Coral Castle". Here's how to do it.

Fortnite is slowly approaching the end of Season 6, and Week 12 will be the last one for Season 6 challenges. We already saw plenty of leaks about the upcoming Season 7 which is expected to drop on June 8. This week's challenges are the last ones we'll see for Season 6, so make sure you complete them all for that sweet XP!

Raid an Artifact From Stealthy Stronghold and From Coral Castle

In our short guide, we'll show you exactly how to raid an artifact from Stealthy Stronghold and from Coral Castle. The two locations are quite close to one another, so it's definitely possible to complete it all in one go! It's entirely up to you whether you'll start with an artifact in Coral Castle or Stealthy Stronghold first. We suggest starting in Coral Castle, as it's on the edge of the map.

Raid an Artifact From Coral Castle

The beautiful sands in Coral Castle hold a total of three artifacts that you can raid. Check out the locations below:

Fortnite Raid an Artifact Coral Castle
Getting at least one is all you need! (Credit: Epic Games)
  • The first artifact can be found northeast of Coral Castle, sitting on a big rock.
  • The second artifact is on the northern side of Coral Castle, hidden underneath an arch. Just swim to it.
  • The third artifact can be found on the first floor of the castle in a pool of water.

Raid an Artifact From Stealthy Stronghold

Stealthy Stronghold is the more dangerous zone as it has some roaming predators in the form of raptors. On the bright side, you can also complete one of the other quests for this week by killing three raptors. You can raid an artifact in Stealthy Stronghold at the following locations:

Fortnite Raid an Artifact Stealthy Stronghold
The locations here are closer. (Credit: Epic Games)
  • The first artifact lies hidden behind a small wall to the northeast.
  • The second artifact is at the base of a huge tree inside a building to the southeast.
  • The third artifact is under the stone stairs to the west.

Grab one artifact from each zone, and you'll complete the weekly challenge. Did you complete all the quests? Tell us on Facebook or Twitter!

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