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It's basically the Tracer skin

How to Get the Trinity Trooper Skin in Fortnite

How to get the Trinity Trooper Skin Fortnite
Oh, hi there Tracer. (Credit: Epic Games)

You know you want the Trinity Trooper skin and we know you want the Trinity Trooper skin. Here's how to get it and when to participate in the Trinity Challenge.

Fortnite is hosting a new challenge, for which they are partnering up with the mobile carriers Three/Windtre. The new Trinity Challenge comes with a new skin and rewards. Here's how to get them.

How & When Do I Participate in the Fortnite Trinity Challenge?

  • The Fortnite Trinity Challenge takes place on March 14 at 2pm GMT
  • The Trinity Challenge is for EU players only
  • It's a trios tournament
  • It takes place on Android, PC and all consoles
How to get the Trinity Trooper Skin Fortnite
How big should we make her eyes? Yes. (Credit: Epic Games)

How Do I Get the Trinity Trooper Skin and Other Rewards?

The best 3,333 trios get the Trinity Trooper Outfit. If you are a** at the game don't worry: If you simply compete in five matches, you get the Trinity Impact and Trinity Overload Emoticons.

You have 10 matches in total to collect as many points as possible, so you better get your squad right.

You need 2FA (Two-Factor Authentification) to participate in the tournament. Even if you don't participate though, the Trinity Trooper skin will be available in the Fortnite Item Shop "at a later stage", according to Epic.

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