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Fortnite Webster Looks Cool and Costs Nothing

How to Get the Fortnite Webster Skin For Free

How to get the Fortnite Webster Skin
How cool does the Webster skin look? I mean seriously... that's a bad, bad skin. Love it. (Credit: Fortnite)

Is it cool, scary or just a badass mecha-chicken? Whatever it is, we love the new Fortnite Webster skin, and you can get it for free by participating in the Fortnite Spring Breakout Cup.

Fortnite patch v16.10 was quite something and brought us lots of new content, like the Webster skin and the Mecha-Feather Backbling. If you're not in the loop yet on all the new Fortnite content, lucky you, we're about to loop you up (did that sound dirty to anybody else): 

How to get the Fortnite Webster Skin
Do well in the Spring Breakout Cup and the Fortnite Webster Skin and Mecha-Feather Backbling are yours. (Credit: Epic Games)

How to Get the Fortnite Webster Skin For Free

It's actually fairly simple – if you've got game. The Webster skin and Mecha-Feather Backbling are yours for free if you participate in the Breakout Cup Tournament. Well... you and your Duos partner have to shine in the Breakout Cup Tournament: The best players from each region will be awarded the free skin and with the outfit you will get some Backbling. Wait... that rhymed: Free skin with Backbling. Don't at me, I'm not a rapper. 

Cool thing about this Webster skin is that the Backbling is almost as cool as the outfit. Yeah, the Webster skin just does things to me thematically. Is it the purple hair, the steel-blue eyes or the pierced beak? Who knows.

How to get the Fortnite Webster Skin
Just Webster and the boys chillin'... not gonna lie though: The Webster skin is our favorite. (Credit: Epic Games)

How to Enter the Fortnite Breakout Cup Tournament?

  1. You need an Epic Games Account at level 30 or more
  2. You need to enable 2FA
  3. You have to be in Open Division I of Arena or higher 
  4. Enter the Breakout Cup on April 2
  5. Place in the rankings

Good luck. If you rank high enough, the Webster Skin can be yours. 

How to get the Fortnite Webster Skin
A little skill and this can all be yours. (Credit: Webster Skin, Epic Games)

What Rank Do I Need to Win the Fortnite Webster Skin?

The following Duos will get the Webster skin and the Mecha-Feather Back Bling:

  • Europe: 1st - 1,125th place
  • NA East: 1st - 575th place
  • NA West: 1st - 250th place
  • Brazil: 1st - 250th place
  • Asia: 1st - 125th place
  • Oceania: 1st - 75th place
  • Middle East: 1st - 100th
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Can I Buy the Fortnite Webster Skin?

Yes, you can also simply buy the Webster skin if your skills aren't quite up to par: The Webster skin and the Mecha-Feather Backbling will cost you around 1200 to 1500 V-Bucks, depending on if you buy them both or not. The usual pricing, for an unusually cool skin. We're definitely gonna get it, but with our skillset we're not sure if it will be via tournament-placement means... We'll see...


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