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Another Sweet new Alien gun

How to get the New Grab-Itron Gravity Gun in Fortnite

Fortnite Grab-Itron Weapon Season 7
The new grabby Alien gun! | © Epic games

Want to pick stuff up and throw it at your enemies? Then the Grab-Itron gravity gun will let do exactly that. Epic has added yet another Alien Weapon to Fortnite Season 7 and we tell you how to get it and what this new IO Tech weapon does.

Everyone is waiting for the Rift Tour and to see the lovely Ariana Grande put on a great show at the Rift Tour. While we wait, Epic has satiated our hunger for content with Patch 17.30 and gave us a new toy to play with, The Grab-Itron, it grabs stuff and then lets you throw it! If that sounds fun to you, then let’s waste no more time and find where you can get this sweet piece of alien tech.

Where to Get the Grab-Itron Gravity Gun in Fortnite

The Grab-Itron can be found in chests, but you’ll have more luck finding one by landing on top of Abductors or getting it as a reward inside the Mothership after playing the orb-collecting mini-game. As always, ground loot has a chance to appear after killing an opponent or IO Henchmen and Alien Invaders. Hopefully one of these ways can secure you this new alien weapon.

What does the Grab-Itron do?

This new alien gun has stats, but they are not worth mentioning at all because the Grab-Itron does damage based on how big of an object you pick up and hit your target with. The bigger the object the more damage you will do and of course, you can only pick up one object at a time. We haven’t tested this weapon extensively, but it appears most objects fall into a small, medium, and big category and deal damage according to that. Keep in mind that the Grab-Itron can also function as a kind of cover, allowing you to block enemy lines of sight and block incoming projectiles. But then again, this is Fortnite and you are never lacking cover...because you can literally build a wall in a single click.

Well, it’s cool to have a UFO tractor beam in your hands, we would much rather have the OP UFO itself and a good old classic Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle to get our eliminations. The Grab-Itron should be a fun distraction and a way to spice up your lobby.

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