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This could've stayed buried

Fortnite Adds the Most Annoying Thing Ever

Fortnite adds gangnam style dance
Can you guess what it is yet? (Credit: Epic)

The Gangnam Style came well before Fortnite was a thing. It was huge and annoying and utterly unnecessary. Now Epic decided that the Gangnam Style dance is exactly what was missing from the game.

If there was ever a thing that rose to the top as fast and unexpected as Fortnite did, it was the Gangnam Style. Pop culture did not know what hit it when the song took YouTube by storm. Eventually, the storm faded and another storm took its place. We feel like there's a perfect play on words with the Fortnite storm here, but let's not beat around the bush.

Fortnite added this dance:

If you're upset now, we get it. What was once annoying, has not suddenly become acceptable. For Epic to do this, we... we are at a loss for words. If this brings about a resurgence of the Gangnam Style, then heads will roll.

Fortnite Korea debuted the news with the video you see above. Of course, Fortnite Korea was allowed to do the honors, because they are the place from which this evil of a trend spawned.

Now, if you were hoping that, maybe – just maybe – the Gangnam Style emote would stay exclusive to Korea, then we have bad news for you: The Gangnam Style emote is available internationally.

Now if you're thinking that we're overreacting... we're not. Fortnite's player base is what... 19 on average? They would've been just over 10 years young when the dance first dropped. Thus, the younger of the Fortnite players might've missed that dark time in human history.

If they were to be bewitched by this inexplicable phenomenon all over... the world might just end.

Shut up already, how can I get the Gangnam Style Emote?

Ok, ok... you can buy the Gangnam Style emote in the Item Shop for 500 V-Bucks. Shame on you.


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