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Carnage Skin is Coming to Fortnite Season 8

Carnage Fortnite Season 8 Skin Leak
First Venom, and now Carnage! | © Epic Games

Fortnite Season 8 will include none other than Marvel's Carnage. That evil red slime villain from the Venom/Spider-Man comics. We take a first look at this red devilish Marvel skin recently leaked in the upcoming Season 8 Battle Pass. 

It's pretty safe to assume that Epic Games plans to add every Marvel character to Fortnite! In now, what is a long list of collaborations, Carnage joins Fortnite via the Season 8 Battle Pass. Eternal shoutout to @iFiremonkey with the hot-hot leaks, and we must say this Carnage skin is looking pretty dang hot as well. Looks like we are once again opening up our wallets, so Epic... just take my money.

How can you get Carnage in Fortnite?

There is basic skin in the Season 8 Battle Pass. Additionally, a Carnage bonus skin will be a part of the 9th page of the Season 8 Battle Pass. Epic has once again opted for the Battle Pass Star system, the very same one we saw in Season 7. This means you play Fortnite, earn Stars, and then use them to purchase the rewards you want from the Battle Pass.

You will still need to claim 100 points of other rewards or reach level 100 before you can get your hands on the Maximum Carnage skin. If you are unaware, this means the mythic ability for the base Carnage skin will take some time to unlock, as the feature is buried pretty deep in the Season 8 Battle Pass. There also appears to be a Carnage-themed Harvesting Tool skin at level 90.

How much does the Carnage Skin Cost in Fortnite?

The Carnage skin is in the Fortnite Battle Pass and this costs 950 V-Bucks, so around $8 if you wish to purchase it that way. Another way to get the Battle Pass is to sign up for Epic's monthly skin subscription, Fortnite Crew. This comes with the current season's Battle Pass and a ton of other skins and cosmetics. September's Fortnite Crew Pack is The Burning Wolf and costs $12 per month. Whichever way you pick, you are getting quite a bit for your dollars. 

When will the Carnage Skin Release?

The Carnage skin should go live within the next few hours, or whenever the Fortnite servers come back online with Season 8's content update. In other words: the Carnage skin will be out on September 13. 

Season 8 is looking sexy, and Carnage is only the beginning, so keep checking back on EarlyGame for the latest leaks.

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