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Get the artifact for Raz in Fortnite!

Fortnite Cult Artifact Location Guide

Fortnite Season 6 The Spire Cult Artifact
Check out how to find the cult artifact in The Spire in our Fortnite Season 6 Guide! (Credit: Epic Games)

A lot has changed in Fortnite Season 6. One of the biggest changes is The Spire, the biggest tower in the middle of the new map. This is exactly where you need to go if you want to steal the Cult Artifact for Raz.

The Spire mission in Fortnite Season 6, "Retrieve the Cult Artifact from the Spire for Raz", is one of the three tasks Raz gives you. You are supposed to steal the object so he can make you a disguise. In this guide, we will show you where to find the Cult Artifact on the Fortnite Season 6 map and how to successfully steal it from The Spire.

Raz wants to make a disguise for you that will allow you to enter the sacred interior of the Spire. However, in order to do that, you'll have to get him a few things. The first item is an ancient cult artifact that you have to steal from The Spire. With this, he has already told you that you have to go to the new center of the map. Where exactly the cult artifact is, however, he did not reveal.

Where Is the Cult Artifact?

The fastest way to complete the task is to jump into a new match and parachute to The Spire. Your specific target is the big house that stands directly on the south side of The Spire. Below, you will see a map where the exact location is marked. You can enter the house from the east or west and find the cult artifact in the northeast corner between the rock wall and the bench.

Fortnite Season 6 The Spire Cult Artifact Map
Here you can see an exact map of the big house in The Spire, where you can find the cult artifact! (Credit: Eurogamer/Epic Games)

Now all you have to do is get into the house, find the Fortnite cult artifact, and interact with it. And BOOM: you have completed the challenge! Now jump back to the island, and have fun!


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Original article by EarlyGame's Faris Delalic.