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How To Find the Chug Cannon in Fortnite

Fortnite Chug Cannon
If you're one of those players who takes more heals than weapons, the Chug Cannon is probably for you. (Credit: Epic Games)

Boy, boy, the new update has again brought new, exotic weapons. Well, admittedly, the Chug Cannon isn't exactly a weapon, but it's still a pretty cool piece. Where exactly can you find it?

The Fortnite v15.30 update went live yesterday and in addition to some changes, we received two new weapons, including the Volley Quad Launcher (A weapon with a lot of BOOM and PENG) and the Chug Cannon, which will make you the best nurse in the Fortnite world.

If you're more of a Rambo and want to know where the former is located, just check it out here:

For everyone else, I recommend sticking around, because below we'll show you where the Chug Cannon is located.

Chug Cannon Location Fortnite
Life is not a pony farm. You have to do something to get the Chug Cannon. (Credit:

Just like the other exotic weapons, the Chug Cannon doesn't just lie around anywhere. Yes, believe it or not, you even have to pay for it but don't panic, no real money or anything. With Season 5, gold bars were added to the game. You'll have to collect a total of 600 gold bars to get the Chug Cannon. If you don't have them on you right now it might take some time.

Once you've collected enough gold bars, look for Recovery (that's the name of the skin at the bottom of the picture), who can spawn at the two points at the top of the map. Then just go to her and talk to her to get the option to buy the Chug Cannon.

Chug Cannon Fortnite Location
I'm somehow still not sure if I shouldn't find the binge cannon too OP especially for the end zone.... (Credit: Epic Games)

Now that you have the Chug Cannon you'll hardly have to fear anyone. From there we wish you a lot of fun and a good healing process.


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Original article by EarlyGame's Alisa Eiber.