Where did Dummy hide them?

How to Find the 3 Car Parts in Fortnite

Car parts fortnite

Where did Dummy hide the car parts? (Credit: Epic Games)

It looks like Dummy has wrecked another truck, so now it’s your task to find some car parts! We’re here to help you find out where they are in this week's challenge!

A new week in Fortnite always means new challenges. Having trouble finding the three car parts? Don’t worry, we’ll help you! You can find each battered part either in the eastern port area Dirty Docks or nearby at the old junkyard.

Where Do We Find the Bloody Car Parts?

Let’s start our scavenger hunt in Compact Cars, the junkyard west of Dirty Docks. Even though there’s a whole bunch of junk here, the goal is to find only two specific parts. For the first car park, you have to run to the southwest corner of the junkyard. Between the orange crusher and the corrugated metal, you will find the first car part.

Fortnite autoteil2

The first car part is located in the junkyard, west of Dirty Docks. (Credit: Epic Games)

For the second car part, go to the opposite corner of Compact Cars, the northeastern side. The car part is located between a pile of crushed cars and some pipes.

Fortnite autoteil1

The second car part can also be found in the junkyard. (Credit: Epic Games)

For the third part, you’ll have to make a short trip to Dirty Docks. This part is a little more difficult, so head to the entrance of Dirty Docks first. You’ve probably noticed the strange building with the triple roof. To the south of it, there is a grey and blue container. The grey container contains the last car part.

Fortnite autoteil3

The last car part can be found in Dirty Docks (Credit: Epic Games)

There may be more car parts hidden nearby, but to complete the challenge, it’s enough if you collect three parts. Once you do that, you will receive 20,000 XP as a reward!

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