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Craftable Weapons in Season 7

How To Craft Weapons in Fortnite Season 7

Crafted Weapons Season 7 Fortnite
How To Craft Weapons in Season 7 | © Epic Games

Craftable weapons have stuck around for Season 7 of Fortnite, but with a new list of weapons crafted with nuts and bolts! Collect Nuts and Bolts and you can craft a modified version of certain guns. We show what and how to craft weapons in Season 7 Chapter 2!

Bones and Gears are out and Nuts and Bolts are in! In order to craft weapons in Season 7 of Fortnite, you will need to collect both Nuts and Bolts. But where can you find them, you may ask?

Well, let get down to it with crafting Weapon in your lobbies!

Where to Get Nuts & Bolts in Fortnite Season 7?

  • Toolboxes: Open Red Toolboxes to get Nuts & Bolts.
  • Rick Sanchez: Go speak with the NPC Rick who’s hiding out in the western part of Weeping Woods. He hooks you up with his Nuts and Bolts.
  • Enemy Players: When you defeat an enemy, there is a chance for a drop of Nuts & Bolts.
  • UFOs: Shoot down a UFO and eliminate the Trespasser, they drop Nuts & Bolts.
  • Floor Loot: Nuts & Bolts are sometimes found randomly on the floor.

Once you located your Nuts & Bolts, you need the base weapon to craft it into one of the following weapons:

Craftable Weapons in Season 7

  • Burst Assault Rifle
  • AUGs
  • Lever Action Shotgun
  • Rapid Fire SMG

It only takes a single Nut & Bolt to craft the weapons in Fortnite Season 7.

In the case of crafted weapons in Fortnite Season 7: once you upgrade the weapon, it will increase damage and fire rate in most cases, usually trading accuracy for firepower. Play around with each upgraded weapon to see how it works, and keep in mind that knowing how to shoot with a given weapon far outweighs how much damage it does. It doesn't matter how much damage a shot deals if it never hits its target! Check out the crazy alien Recon Scanner popping off in Season 7!

How To Craft Weapons in Fortnite Season 7

Crafting the weapon is also very easy! Just open your crafting by pressing the tab button and going to the crafting tab. If you have both the weapon and required Nuts & Bolts, you will be able to craft the gun by just pressing the craft button. 

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