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The challenges for Week 2 of Season 6 are out!

How To Complete the Fortnite Season 6 Week 2 Challenges

How To Complete The Fortnite Season 6 Week 2 Challenges
Prepare your bow! (Credit: Epic Games)

This week in Fortnite is a bit different as the challenges for Season 6, Week 2 are already out. Instead of coming out on a Thursday, we got them yesterday, on a Tuesday! Here's how to complete them!

Fortnite recently began a brand-new season and the challenges didn't lag behind. We've already gone through those for the first week and now it's time to take a look at what's ahead - Season 6 Week 2!

By completing the weekly challenges you'll be able to earn some easy experience points and level up your Battle Pass even further. Without further ado let's check out what's in Fortnite Season 6 Week 2!

Season 6 Week 2 Challenges

One thing to note about the Fortnite Season 6 Week 2 challenges is that one of them is a bit different and you'll have to use the crafting system to complete it. There's still no legendary challenge yet and we only know the epic ones so far.

Fortnite Season 6 Week 2 challenges literature sample
This is how the literature samples look. (Credit: Epic Games)

The tricky challenge here is the one about bows. In order to craft a Mechanical Bow, you'll need a Makeshift Bow and two Mechanical Parts. For the Explosive Bow, you'll need to add two grenades. For the Shockwave Bow, you'll have to get your hands on Shockwave grenades. If you're having trouble finding the latter, they usually drop from chests, supply llamas, and supply drops.

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Everything else is pretty self-explanatory. Getting a headshot with a bow might take you some time to complete but once you start calculating for the projectile drop you shouldn't have any issues. Each of the Fortnite Season 6 Week 2 challenges above is worth 24 000 XP points so completing all of them is totally worth it. On top of that, a legendary challenge is still to come, so expect an update.

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