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Compete in Fortnite Season 6 Qualifiers

How To Compete in the FNCS Season 6 Qualifiers

FNCS Season 6
Compete for CASH prizes at the highest level of Fortnite (Epic Games)

This is your chance at glory for Season 6 of Fortnite. The FNCS Season 6 Qualifiers are here for both NA and EU, but how do you register and compete in the Qualifiers? We answer that right now with all the details you need to know before you can compete.

To take part in the FNCS Season 6 Qualifiers you need to meet several conditions before you can compete in the finals of Fortnite's current competitive season. This season’s FNCS format is Trios, so you will need two other teammates who also meet these basic requirements.

How Do You Compete in the FNCS Season 6 Qualifiers?

  1. You Must be 13 Years or older to win prizes and therefore, be eligible to compete in round 2. 
  2. Your Fortnite account must be in good standing.
  3. You need Two-Factor Authentication enabled on your Fortnite account
  4. Your Character name must not violate the code of conduct.
  5. Your Fortnite account must be in the Champion’s Division of Arena (I, II or III).

If you meet all these requirements you can queue up for an FNCS Qualifier located in your region under in the Compete tab in-game. The Event will be clearly listed on the Compete tab's menu screen.

When Do The Season 6 FNCS Qualifiers Start?

FNCS Season 6
How to Compete and Advance FNCS 6 (Epic Games)

FNCS Qualifier 2:

  • EU - April 30 2021 at 7 PM CEST
  • NA EAST - April 30 2021 at 11 PM CEST

How Do You Advance to the Next Stage of the FNCS:

Format: Trios compete in multiple matches for 3 hours or 10 matches total. The top 3 teams from each region qualify for the next stage of the FNCS Season 6. The top 3 teams are the teams with the highest scores at the of the session. 

If you can’t play in FNCS Season 6 Qualifier 2, then a 3rd qualifier will be held from May 6th to 9th. For a full list of rules and details head to the official FNCS page. Good luck my sweaty Fortniters!

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