Fortnite Glitch Lets You Farm Infinite XP!

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A new glitch has been found in Fortnite. It gives players hundreds of levels within minutes.
Fortnite XP Glitch
A new Fortnite bug has been discovered. | © Epic Games

With Fortnite Patch 18.40, not only Naruto, but also the Accolades Device came into Fortnite. This device allows players to earn XP points in creative mode. However, it doesn't seem to work as it should.

The bug allows players to repeat an action as many times as they want, getting the same amount of XP each time, allowing them to farm millions of XP in no time. Some players who took advantage of the glitch for several hours reported leveling up over 800 levels, breaking the records of previous level glitches.

What Is The Accolades Device in Fortnite?

The Accolades Device allows Creators to create achievements or quests, that players can use to earn XP for their Battle Pass when playing Creator Islands. The device has numerous options that can be customized to fit the design of the experience. These include the award name and type, the target value, and various triggers.

In order for the device to be activated, it must go through calibration. Calibration is a process of measuring the data of a newly released or recently updated experience to ensure that the Accolades device is awarding the correct amount of Battle Pass XP. However, this doesn't seem to be working as it should.

How Does The New Fortnite XP Glitch Work?

We want to point out that this glitch was not intentionally introduced by Epic Games, so it may result in a ban. If you don't care about your Fortnite account, then go for it:

Epic Games has already commented on the glitch, saying via Twitter that they are working on the issue. In the course of this, it is quite possible that the players who have exploited the bug will have their XP deducted again. So, as mentioned, be cautious. It is likely this bug will be hot fixed fast if not already dealt with by Epic.

Personally, we'd recommend you go the normal leveling route and finalize Season 8's Hallmark cards before Chapter 3 launches in December.