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Get Beast Boy Early With the Teen Titans Cup

Get Beast Boy Early With the Teen Titans Cup
Sign up for the Teen Titans Cup! (Credit: Epic Games)

Beast Boy is coming to Fortnite and you can get the skin before its official release by participating in the Teen Titans Cup. Here's everything about it!

If you're a fan of DC Comics and Teen Titans you've probably heard the good news. The latest collaboration between DC and Epic Games will introduce the Beast Boy skin into Fortnite. It all became clear yesterday and while most of the players are hyped for the currently ongoing Lantern Trials, there's another event you don't want to miss - the Teen Titans Cup.

Beast Boy Bundle
Go get the Beast Boy Bundle early! (Credit: Epic Games)

The Beast Boy Fortnite Bundle

Beast Boy's bundle in Fortnite will include several cosmetic items:

  • Beast Boy (Outfit)
  • Garfield Logan (style for Beast Boy)
  • Couch Titan (Back Bling)
  • Go Ape (Built-in Emote)
  • BB's Bonk Bat (Harvesting Tool)

Beast Boy's emote is quite special, as it'll turn him into a gorilla when he uses it.

Beastboy Raven Fortnite DC Comics
In a few days, both Raven and Beastboy will be available in Fortnite! (Credit: DC Comics/Epic Games)

When is the Beast Boy Bundle Release Date?

If you want to get any of the Beast Boy cosmetics, you'll be able to purchase them starting May 13. But we get it, you're probably super excited about it and would like to have it early, right? Well, that's what this article is all about. We got you!

The Fortnite Teen Titans Cup

For all players that simply can't wait, there's the option to sign up for the Teen Titans Cup which will take place tomorrow, May 12. The Teen Titans Cup will be a Duos tournament and will last only a single day. Participants in the Teen Titans Cup will get some exclusive items. The BBoy & Raven loading screen above will be awarded to anyone who scores at least 8 points. The Beast Boy & Raven spray will be gifted to anyone who took part in the event. These two items won't be coming to the Item Shop on May 13.

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How do I sign up for the Teen Titans Cup?

Go to the Compete tab in-game and find the Teen Titans Cup then simply sign up for it. Make sure you check the specific time for each region. The tournament will only last for three hours per region, and you'll be able to play a maximum of ten games.

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