Fortnite: Nightmares 2021 – New Skins, Short Nite: Nightmares & More

Fortnite: Nightmares 2021 – New Skins, Short Nite: Nightmares & More

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In keeping with Halloween, the Fortnite: Nightmares event, or Fortnitemares, is back with brand-new Halloween skins, free rewards, a film festival, and more!
Fortnitemares 2021
It's getting scary in Fortnite! | © Epic Games

It's Halloween time in Fortnite, and that means the return of the Fortnite: Nightmares Event. In a blog post, Epic Games have announced that the Fortnitemares will take place again this year. But this year, Epic's creepy party is set to be bigger than ever, with new content coming weekly throughout October until November 1.

New Fortnite Halloween-Skins

In Fortnite: Nightmares 2021, there are many new, and of course returning, outfits. It's not a good idea, though, to go through the Halloween season without at least a little forethought. Thus, Epic came up with a plan: fortune telling. In Fortnite: Nightmares 2021, fortune telling cards will reveal which monsters and Fortnite characters will be in the item shop.

Check out the cards in the blog post to see who ends up in the item shop, and look at the backs of other cards for a clue as to who's next. A couple of characters have already appeared, including the Universal Pictures-inspired Frankenstein's Monster and The Mummy. Both of these are part of the Universal Monster Set (The Mummy will also be lurking on the island later this month, trying to find its way back to the underworld)! Will the next cards reveal a new Renegade Raider and Rick Grimes skin?

Cube Chaos & Free Rewards in Fortnitemares

The Dice prepare for the next step in their plan. Later that month, they extend their rule over the island, but do not despair! Face them resolutely with new weapons from the tilting world and recurring Halloween tricks. We don't know exactly what these new weapons will look like yet, but we suspect that it will be the Sideways Scythe. Of course, as with every Fortnite Halloween Event, there will be assignments with which you can receive eerily beautiful rewards.

Short Nite: Nightmares

At the end of the Fortnite: Nightmares 2021, the third Short Nite Film Festival awaits you! As in previous Shortnites, Short Nite: Nightmares will feature animated short films – but this time with a focus on creepy and sinister things. Plus, this Short Nite will be hosted in a cinema created by Quantum Builds, where each short film will be shown in its own room. You can decide for yourself in which order you want to see the short films.

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