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What are you spending your V-Bucks on today?

Fortnite: What’s in the Item Shop Today?

Fortnite Item Shop
Do you want to know what's available in the item shop today? Then stay tuned. (Credit: Epic Games)

Besides Battle Royale and an epic victory in Fortnite, what do we like the most? The Fortnite skins and cosmetics, of course! And there are plenty of them in the Fortnite item shop! To keep you up to date, we'll be updating this article every day as the new items come into the item shop, so stay tuned!

The item shop is the online store in Fortnite's Battle Royale mode where you can purchase cosmetic skins in exchange for V-Bucks.

The item shop is divided into two parts: featured items and daily items. As the name suggests, the daily items change every day. We'll show you what's available today, 05/12/2021!

You can see the prices of all items in the pictures.

Reverse 2k's Locker

Reverse 2k's locker Fortnite Item Shop May 12
It's in the item shop today! (Credit: Epic Games)

A new locker has appeared in Fortnite again. This time from Reverse2k!

  • Reverse2K's Locker Bundle
  • Aura Outfit
  • Lucky Pickaxe
  • Slow Clap Emote
  • Ripple Wrap

Featured Items in Fortnite Item Shop

Featured Items Fortnite Item Shop May 12
These are the featured items in the item shop today, 12.05.2021 (Credit: Epic Games)

Today's featured items include the following cosmetics:

  • Funk Ops Outfit
  • Disco Diva Outfit
  • Disco Brawl Pickaxe
  • Chomp Sr. Outfit
  • Chomp Jr. Pickaxe
  • Laser Chomp Glider

These other items are also included:

Fortnite Featured Item Shop May 12
These are the featured items in the item shop today, 12.05.2021 (Credit: Epic Games)
  • Cuddle Team Leader
  • Cuddle Cruiser Glider
  • Cuddle Paw Pickaxe
  • Cuddle Camo Wrap
  • Bear Force One Glider

Daily Items in the Fortnite Item Shop

Fortnite Daily Items Item Shop May 12
It's in the item shop today! (Credit: Epic Games)

These items are only available today and there is no telling when they will next appear in the Fortnite item shop.

  • Wild Card Outfit
  • Catastrophe Outfit
  • Fractal Zero Wrap
  • Volt Batons Pickaxe
  • Phew! Emote
  • Waterworks Emote


Batman zero bundle
Batman has once again appeared on the island! (Credit: Epic Games)

Batman has appeared again in Fortnite and has brought the following Cosmetics with him:

  • Batman Zero Bundle
  • Batmen Zero Outfit
  • Grappling Axe Pickaxe
  • Batman Zero Wing Glider

Temporary items in Fortnite Item Shop

Item Shop Limited Time
If you have some real money to spare, maybe these items would interest you. (Credit: Epic Games)

Let's move on to the last items in the Fortnite item shop, which you don't have to buy with V-Bucks, but with real money. These items appear once, but always for a longer time in the item shop before they disappear forever.

  • Hazard Platoon Pack
  • The Last Laugh Bundle
  • Knights of the Food Court

That's about it. Check back here tomorrow to find out what's available in the item shop. Otherwise, we wish you a lot of fun with Fortnite!


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Original article by EarlyGame's Alisa Eiber.