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Fortnite Week 5: All Locations to Dig, Bury, and Collect the Gnomes!


Fortnite Week 5 is here, and this week’s challenges are awesome! Grimmbi sends us across the map to dig up, bury, and collect various Gnomes. Where are they? Well, that’s why we’re here, after all!

Fortnite’s Week 5 challenges focus on digging up, collecting, and burying Gnomes in specific locations around the map. In this all-inclusive guide, we take you where you need to go to find the Gnomes, including placement locations in Fort Crumpet, Pleasant Park, Holly Hedges, and Retail Row. There’s a lot of digging to do, so let’s get started!

Dig Up Gnomes in Fort Crumpet and Pleasant Park

Fort Crumpet

While hardcore Fortnite fans should already know where Fort Crumpet is located, for many, the location is still unknown as it is not yet labeled on the map. As you can see below, it is located in a southwestern clearing of Coral Castle, and northwest of Sweaty Sands.

Fort Crumpet Location in Fortnite
Location of Fort Crumpet in Fortnite. (Credit: Epic Games)

Go through the main entrance, turn right at the snack stand, and you will see the gnome sticking out of the ground near the stairs. Hit the spot with your pickaxe to dig out the gnome.

Gnome location Fort Crumpet
Location of the first digging spot near Fort Crumpet. (Credit: Epic Games)

To reach the second spot, go passed the stairs and turn left under the wooden structure. There is a bench there, and right next to this bench is another spot where you can dig out a gnome with your pickaxe.

Gnomes Fort Crumpet locations
Both digging spots at Fort Crumpet (Credit:

Pleasant Park

There’s a similar situation in Pleasant Park. The first dig spot is at the northeast corner of the park. Look for a tree in a clearing just in front of the blue house and the stone house.

The second dig site is located behind the stone house. We’ve marked the locations for you again at the bottom of the map.

Gnomes Pleasant Park
Both gnome locations at Pleasant Park. (Credit:

Burying Gnomes in Pleasant Park or Retail Row

Pleasant Park

The Bury Gnomes challenge is basically the same as stage one, except you have to approach and interact with the mount to bury the Gnomes. The first spot is pretty much in the middle of Pleasant Park, right next to the soccer net.

To find the second burial spot, head through the pavilion towards the stone house. You will find a mount near the tree in front of the house, bury the gnome here.

gnome locations in pleasant park
Here are the locations to bury the Gnomes in Pleasant Park. (Credit:

Retail Row

The Gnomes in Retail Row are both located on the western side of the village. Head to the yellow house for the first location. At the corner of the fence is the mound you want.

Bury Gnomes Retail Row
Right next to this plant is the first mound in Retail Row. (Credit: Epic Games)

The second location is near the blue house, right next to the candy cane decoration.

Bury gnomes in retail row
Here are the Retail Row burial locations. (Credit:

To complete this challenge, you can choose either of these two locations, as all you need to do is bury two final Gnomes.

Collect Gnomes in Fort Crumpet and Holly Hedges

Fort Crumpet

For this third and final gnome challenge for Week 5, all you have to do is collect the gnomes at the locations mentioned. To do so, head back to the Fort Crumpet.

Behind the counter of the snack stand, right when you enter, is the first gnome.

From here, go under the stone archway on your left, turn left again, and under the wooden stairs, you’ll find the second gnome. To collect the gnomes, just interact with them.

Collect gnomes fort crumpets
In these two locations, collect the gnomes at Fort Crumpets. (Credit:

Holly Hedges

In Holly Hedges, you will find the first gnome in the northern part of the village. You can find him right at the entrance to the small park, just by the Christmas tree.

The last gnome is located in the middle of the village, in the back of the garden store between some pot plants. Again, we have marked these locations for you on the map below.

Gnomes holly hedges
Here are the locations for the gnomes in Holly Hedges. (Credit:


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Original article by EarlyGame's Alisa Eiber.