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That's a lot of Fortnite weapons....

All Fortnite Weapons in Chapter 2, Season 6

All Fortnite Season 6 Weapons
Folks, the PUMPGUN is back! (Credit: Epic Games)

With the release of Fortnite Season 6, Epic Games has not only added many new weapons, but also brought back a few old favorites from the vault. Are you confused, and have no idea which weapons are currently in the game? Don't worry, we have an overview for you!

After Zero Point sent a mysterious pulse across the island, your survival skills became even more important than ever. If you want to keep the upper hand during these primeval circumstances, you should learn how to craft items yourself.

There are many different crafting combinations, but if you want to start with the basics, take a tinker weapon and rebuild it into a Primal Weapon... Or a weapon you're a little more familiar with. But to make the weapons at all, you first need to know which ones are even in the game.

Familiar Weapons in Fortnite's Season 6

Let's start with the simple weapons that most of you probably remember from previous seasons. While there are sadly no more Snipers in Season 6, at least the standard pump shotgun is finally back! You can see the full list here:

  • Pumpgun
  • Assault Rifle/Scar
  • Tactical SMG/P90
  • Rocket Launcher
  • Revolver
Pumpgun Fortnite Season 6
We've been waiting for this so long... (Credit: Epic Games)

New Weapons in Fortnite Season 6

Now things are getting a bit more interesting. With the new season, a lot of new weapons have come into the game. You can find them, but also craft and upgrade them. Find out exactly how this works in the following guides:

Now let's move on to the new weapons:


  • Mechanical Shockwave Bow
  • Mechanical Explosion Bow
  • Primordial stink bow
  • Primeval flame bow
  • Mechanical Bow
  • Tinker Bow


  • Primeval SMG
  • Tinker Machine Gun
  • Primeval shotgun
  • Tinker Shotgun
  • Primeval rifle
  • Tinker Rifle
  • Primeval pistol
  • Tinker Revolver

All weapons can be found or upgraded at different rarity levels.

New Weapons Fortnite Season 6
These new weapons are super interesting! (Credit: Epic Games)

Buyable Weapons in Fortnite Season 6

Just like in the previous season, you can buy weapons, or get them from NPCs when you defeat them. These are as follows:

  • Rocket Launcher (Epic) - 580 Gold
  • Pump gun (Epic) - 95 gold
  • Scar (Epic) - 95 Gold
  • Scar (Epic) - Kill NPC
  • Revolver (Legendary) - 95 Gold
  • Submachine Gun (Rare) - 40 Gold
  • Primordial Stink Bow (Epic) - 245 Gold
  • Jumpstone Shooting Iron (Exotic) - 600 Gold
  • The Double (Exotic) - 600 Gold
  • Shadow attack (Exotic) - 400 Gold

You can find the NPCs selling these weapons at the following locations on the map:

Exotic and Legendary Fortnite Season 6 Weapons Map
Here you can find all the purchasable exotic and legendary skins in Fortnite Season 6 so far... (Credit: Epic Games)

So, as you can see, we got a whole bunch of different weapons after Fortnite. Of course, this doesn't mean that they will stay in the game until the end of the season. Epic is known to change their weapons in Fortnite updates.


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Original article by EarlyGame's Alisa Eiber.