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Fortnite Typical Gamer Cup: Details, Schedule & Skin

Typical Gamer Cup Fortnite
NA West Exclusive Cash Cup (Credit: Epic Games)

NA West has an exclusive Fortnite cup where players will have a chance to win big cash prizes. The Second Round of the Typical Gamer Cup starts soon. Let's go over the details, schedule, and a new skin promoting the event

In the Fortnite Item Shop, players can purchase the Typical Gamer Skin Bundle right now, and it only costs a cool 2100 V-Bucks! 

Typical Gamer Bundle
It also comes with a zombie style & Emote! (Credit: Epic Games)

How Can You Compete in The Fortnite Typical Gamer Cup

To compete in the Fortnite Typical Gamer Cup you need to have access to the NA West Server of Fortnite and also be in Division I or higher of the Fortnite Arena. This is Fortnite's ranked competitive mode. Finally, your Fortnite account must have Two-factor authentication enabled to participate in this Cup. Since this format is trios, you will also need two other players to play in this cup with you. To actually enter the Cup you need to navigate to the Compete tab in Fortnite and find the Typical Gamer event card and enter it with your trio. 

Registration for this event has ended, but other cash cups follow the same process.

The Typical Gamer Cup Round 2 Start Time

The Typical Gamer Cup takes place on May 28 at 5:00 pm Pacific and will feature the top 500 Trios from the first round of competition who qualified from round 1 that took place on May 26.

Where Can you Watch The Typical Gamer Cup?

For all official Fortnite coverage of the Typical Gamer Cup check out their Twitch channel and also tune in for the FNCS Season 6 Finals! 

Typical Gamer Cup Prize Placement

  • 1st $2,200
  • 2nd $1,800
  • 3rd $1,500
  • 4th $1,200
  • 5th $1,050
  • 6th $900
  • 7th $750
  • 8th $600

Each Trio that places in the top 8 will split the prize money and the teams with the most points are ranked accordingly. It works exactly like every other Fortnite Tournament or Cash Cup! 

If you managed to qualify for the Typical Gamer Cup, good luck in the finals! Remember to keep an eye on Fortnite's official tournament page for all upcoming cash cups, so you don't miss any chance to compete.

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