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Fortnite Gets Tron: Legacy Skins

Fortnite tron skins

MY CHILDHOOOOOOD. (Credit: Epic Games)

Yes, you read that title right! Fortnite gets Tron: Legacy Skins and accessories. You're rightfully hyped right now, we all are!

You might remember an article by us already talking about this, that’s because previously, these Tron: Legacy Skins and accessories were only leaks. But now it’s actually been confirmed, and already part of the game.

Fortnite got Tron: Legacy Skins!

The amount of crossovers, skins, and other cool stuff that we are getting for Fortnite this season is absolutely insane. But on a more personal note... I feel like this, the whole Tron thing? It might be my favorite!

Fans are getting various accessories like a Light Cycle rideable Glider, an Identity Disc Pickaxe, and a Back Bling. As for skins, a total of ten different Tron-themed Skins are available, all with a removable helmet, of course.

If you don’t know Tron, then you definitely have some catching up to do, because that one was a classic. And these skins? Well, they really do it justice.

No matter whether you've watched Tron for the story, the aesthetics, or Olivia Wilde being hot (I see you, don't you dare tell me otherwise), these Fortnite skins will make you remember that movie as if you had just watched it yesterday.

But for now, go into the Fortnite Item Shop and grab whatever it is that you want!

So, what are you waiting for? Skins and accessories are already part of the Fortnite Item Shop, so gear up! And don't forget to come back to EarlyGame, we're always giving you the hottest Fortnite news!

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