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The Iconic Cat Buff Cat!

The Fortnite Toona Trouble Comic Ft. Meowscles!

Toona Trouble Fortnite Comic
What has Meowscles done! (Credit: Epic Games)

The Fortnite Community is left rather puzzled today after Epic Games made a mysterious tweet about a new comic titled: Toona Trouble. This Comic will feature Meowscles, the iconic Fornite cat character, has been recently teased. Let’s take a look at everything we know so far about this new Fortnite Comic!

Hold onto your catnip because we’re diving into some Fortnite lore!

Who is Meowscles?

Meowscles Shadow Agent Skin
Check out Swole Meowscles! Thicc. (Credit: Epic Games)

We Fortnite veterans should know that Meowscles was first introduced in Chapter 2, Season 2, and you might also know that his son Kit now hangs out at Catty Corner. 

But where has Meowscles gone? Maybe this upcoming comic book will tell us the answer to that very question. 

We already know some stuff about Meowscles, though. He is a muscular humanoid cat who also went by the name Buff Cat. Meowscles has a built-in emote called Swole Cat, and he has 4 edit styles: Default, GHOST, SHADOW, and Golden Agent. It also looks like he enjoys eating fish!

Now, Epic is hinting at a Fortnite Meowscles comic that could also eventually become a new skin for the cat. Or maybe something much more sinister is waiting! Fortnite is rather impossible to predict, so let's take a look at what teaser Epic has given us recently.  

What we have gotten from Epic so far is this tweet referring to Toona Trouble featuring Meowscles.

Is A Fortnite Comic in the Works?

In the comic, it appears that Meowscles is attempting to eat a fish only to be stopped by some kind of black tar or slime. The tweet contains the ominous words, “To be continued…”. This is a clear hint that we are reading a story and perhaps even some kind of Fortnite comic book may be in the works.

Nothing has been confirmed by Epic Games yet but the teaser could only mean so many things. Some clever fans on Reddit have pointed out that the gloves Meowscles has on are awfully similar to that of Mickey Mouse's gloves!

We could be looking at another Disney x Fortnite collaboration

Fortnite has already teamed up with Marvel and Star Wars which are both Disney IPs, so another collaboration might be in the works. 

At this point, let’s just follow Meowscles and see where this cat's adventure leads us. Your move Epic Games!

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