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A Guide for Newer Fortnite Players

Fortnite Tips for Beginners

Fortnite Season 5 Chapter 2 artwork
The new Fortnite season has brought many changes, like new NPCs and quests. (Credit: Epic Games)

This Fortnite guide will provide 10 useful tips for newer players, but even if you are more experienced you will most likely find yourself learning something new in this article. So, without further ado: Let’s get to our 10 Fortnite tips for beginners.

If you have any more tips and tricks that have helped you to get better at Fortnite feel free to share them with us. The best tips might even make it into this article, so be sure to drop by on Facebook, Twitter or our very own Discord server.

10 Tips on How To Improve in Fortnite

  1. Choose the best Fortnite settings
  2. Know the best landing spots
  3. Collect materials early
  4. Know which building material is best when
  5. Use the best weapons
  6. Pick up the best healing items
  7. Pick up the best shield items
  8. Engage in combat only if victory is certain
  9. Use guns and structures to win fights
  10. Wait and don't greed for Loot Drops

1. What Are the Best Fortnite Settings?

Like in every shooter your FPS matters a lot in Fortnite. If you want to copy the exact settings the very best pros use, we recommend, but you might not be able to run those with your setup. To achieve the best possible performance on your respective devices, we recommend the following settings:

Best Fortnite Setting: PC

  • Windows mode: Run Fortnite in Fullscreen mode if you want the best possible performance.
  • Display resolution: Run the game in your monitors native resolution.
  • Frame rate limit: Set the Frame-rate-limit to around 120.
  • 3D resolution: Always stay at 100% with this setting.
  • View Distance: Use Far or Epic if your PC can support it. The higher, the better.
  • Shadows: Improve your performance by turning the shadows off.
  • Anti-aliasing: Set Anti-aliasing to off.
  • Textures: Play Fortnite with high or medium textures.
  • Effects: Set the effects to low
  • Post Processing: We recommend you set this to low.
  • Vsync: Turn it off as Vsync can cause lag-issues.
  • Motion Blur: Play without Motion Blur and turn it off.

Best Fortnite Settings: PS4, PS5 / Xbox One, Xbox Series X

  • Brightness: Turn the brightness to 110% or 120%. This will allow you to spot enemies faster.
  • Color Blind Mode: Turn on the Protanope colorblind mode.
  • Color Blind Mode Strength: Crank it up to 10.
  • Motion Blur: Turn it off. Motion Blur never does any good, no matter the device or game.
  • Show FPS: This is up to you, but it can be useful to have an eye on your FPS.

2. Where Are the Best Landing Spots in Season 5 Chapter 2

Not all landing spots in Fortnite were created equal as some offer more and better loot than others. Of course, the spots that offer the best lot are often highly contested. Nonetheless, we would recommend you to try and get to one of the following landing spots.

  1. Coral Castle: 46 Chests
  2. Dirty Docks: 35 Chests
  3. Weeping Woods: 33 Chests
  4. Lazy Lake: 31 Chests
  5. Sweaty Sands: 30 Chests

3. When to Farm Materials

It is very vital, that you pick up resources in the early game. Try mining materials whilst looting. You will need tons of stone and metal and especially wood in the later stages of the game. It's important to always hit the blue circle when mining, as it allows you to mine materials at twice the speed.

In the mid-game try to farm resources while running from the storm, BUT don’t fully mine trees. If you leave a trail of tree stumps enemies will have an easy time tracking you down. In the late game you won't have much time to farm, so you should have stocked up by that time.

4. When to Use Which Building Material

When to Use Wood

Wood is the most abundant resource in Fortnite. That doesn't mean it is the weakest though. It has by far the shortest building time and is great for putting up immediate walls. If you are under heavy pressure use wood to buy yourself time.


Final Health

Building Time



3.5 Sec



4 Sec

When to Use Stone

Stone offers a great combination of HP and building time. After you put up your first wooden defenses you can reinforce them with stone structures. It's harder to find stone, so don't go wasting it!


Final Health

Building Time



10.5 Sec



11.5 Sec

When to Use Metal

It takes ages to build metal structures, but they have tons of HP. That makes them great foundations for your buildings. Remember, if your foundation is destroyed, everything that is built on top will crumble.


Final Health

Building Time



22.5 Sec



24 Sec

5. What Are the Best Weapons in Fortnite Season 5 Chapter 2

Compact SMG standard art
The Compact SMG is certainly one of the best weapons to use in Season 5 (Credit: Epic Games)

Season 5 Chapter 2 shook up the weapon Meta quite a bit with all the unvaulted weapons and each player has their own personal playstyle, but we asked our community what they thought the best weapons of the seasons were, and this is what they came up with:

  1. Assault Rifle — It's also easy to play, strong nonetheless.
  2. Compact SMG — In the current version of the game the P90 is very strong.
  3. Tactical Shotgun — Was reintroduced to the game quite recently.
  4. Heavy Assault Rifle — The AK is an absolute banger this season.
  5. Bolt-action Sniper Rifle — Was recently unvaulted and has wrecked ever since.

6. What Are the Best Healing Items in Fortnite

Remember that thanks to the vaulting system some of these might not be the current version of the game. Nonetheless, here's our Top 5s for HP and shield items.

Slurp Juice Icon
The Slurp Juice is definitely one of the most powerful consumables in Fortnite. (Credit: Epic Games)
  1. Medkit — The classic healing item is simply the best.
  2. Slurp Juice — Can grant a maximum of 75 HP in about 30 seconds.
  3. Cosy Campfire — Especially useful when used in team games.
  4. Chug Splash — Thrown like a grenade and grant 25 HP per splash.
  5. Bandages — Nice in the beginning, useless later on.

7. What Are the Best Shield Items in Fortnite

Chug Splash Icon
If you need to get your shield up quickly the Chug Splash is your item of choice (Credit: Epic Games)
  1. Chug Jug — Will fully restore HP and shield fully!
  2. Chug Splash —Thrown like a grenade and grant 25 shield per splash.
  3. Shield Potion — Takes 5 seconds to restore 50 shield.
  4. Slurp Juice — Can grant a maximum of 75 shield in about 30 seconds.
  5. Small Shield Potion — Ok in the early game, but later on it's useless.

8. When to Engage in Combat

Again, this is a very large topic to tackle, but we'll try our best to give you a few tips anyway.

  1. It is important to only pick battles that you can win. Get close and then strike when enemies are careless.
  2. Always make sure you are full HP and full shield before fighting. Many weapons can't one-shot you otherwise.
  3. Be on the same page with your teammates. A coordinated attack is way stronger than shooting at the first enemy.

9. How To Win Fights in Fortnite

Fortnite Gunplay

The gunplay in Fortnite is very straight forward and doesn't need much explaining. If you have played shooters before you will feel right at home. Nevertheless, we have three tips and an excellent video for you.

  1. Switching Guns is often faster than reloading. For that reason, it might be useful to pick up the same weapon twice.
  2. Keep moving. In Fortnite, you don't really get punished for shooting while moving. On the contrary, it is way harder to hit you.
  3. Try to destroy the enemies base. If you manage to kill the foundation of his structure everything will come tumbling down.

Fortnite Building

This is what makes Fortnite what it is. Building in Fortnite is very, very intricate. It is of the utmost importance that you learn how to build structures quickly. If you are looking for a guide solely focused on building, here you go: Fortnite building guide.

  • Use the practice mode to learn the hotkeys. Sit down in practice mode and try to get the movement and key binds right.
  • Use stronger materials as foundation. As we said in the gun play section, your building will crumble if its foundation is destroyed.
  • Try to get the highground. There is a reason Obi Wan warned Anakin and why you will see crazy races to the sky in professional matches.

10. When to Go For Supply Drops

We know it's tempting to just rush towards that blue flare. After all it promises some of the best loot the game has to offer. But you are not the only person who thinks like that. There will be at least 1 or two other players/squads nearby, who all want that juicy loot. So a few things to keep in mind.

  • Stay low — This is very important as tall structures call for unwanted attention. If you can, hide in or next to a natural building or object.
  • Heal up — A fight will almost certainly ensue. Don't have-ass it by going in while at 50 HP. You will die, we guarantee it.
  • Be prepared to create cover — More important than being ready to shoot is to immediately create cover. You need to find out where the enemy is after all.

We hope this Fortnite Guide was of help to you. If you have more useful tips or tricks that helped you get better at Fortnite feel free to share them on our Facebook, Twitter or Discord.