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Death Threat fired at Fortnite Dev

Fortnite Team Kicked out of The FNCS 5 after Flaming Lead Dev!

Fortnite FNCS 5
How to not be an esports pro!

One of the teams qualified for Season 5 of the NA East FNCS was kicked out of the tournament because of a death threat directed at the Chief Creative Officer at Epic Games. The literal boss of Fortnite, maybe only second to the CEO, received a mention in a tweet containing a death threat that leads back to the booted team.  

Fortnite lead dev, @Donald Mustard, received a death threat from the now-deleted Twitter user ‘Wrigley.’ The Fortnite player was qualified for the NA East FNCS 5 but Wrigley's actions had his entire team removed from the tournament. 

Remember, kids and boomers alike, nothing on the internet ever truly disappears!

wrigley death threat tweet
Why is it always the Twitter anime-profile pic?

The Tweet happened on March 13 and former teammates of Wrigley revealed that the whole team was banned because of the Tweet and before the tournament began.

Teams win together, but they also tweet together because the three-man squad has now missed out on at least $600 in cash prizes. This is the minimum amount awarded to those participating in the FNCS 5. We have to feel bad for Wrigley’s teammates who now suffer because he lashed out on Twitter and sent a death threat to one of the literal end bosses of Fortnite. It's definitely a deserved ban from the FNCS 5, but a strange flex to make before you even compete in the tournament.

Dictate and Userz, the two teammates caught in Wrigley’s crossfire, have been shown support from the Fortnite community. Hopefully, the two have better luck in selecting a more mentally sound teammate who thinks before they tweet such hate.

Wrigley probably just had one too many Monsters before the team's warm-up lobbies! However, I really wonder what went through their head as they carefully crafted this masterpiece tweet with dollar signs and exclamation points in place of actual letters. This is some real 5-head galaxy brain tweeting, if you're looking to never compete in a Fortnite tournament again. 

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