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The legendary quest made easy!

Fortnite: Where To Find Tarana and the Artifacts

Fortnite Tarana Artifact Location
Nothing like Boney Burbs! (Credit: Epic Games)

Fortnite's latest legendary quest will ask you to find Tarana and then collect three artifacts for her that are scattered around. Here's how to find both Tarana and the artifacts!

Let's start by saying that in order to unlock this Fortnite Tarana quest you'll first have to complete five uncommon or rare quests. These are easy to finish and most players have probably completed way more that already, but we're just laying it out there. In case you don't get the Tarana quest, that might be the cause. Now, you're here for the Fortnite Tarana location, we got you!

Fortnite Tarana Quest

Everybody's asking "where's Tarana" but let's first answer "who is Tarana". Tarana is an available skin but also an NPC added with Season 6 and the whole dinosaurs theme. Her outfit is rather primal and you can find her in Boney Burbs. Once you do that, talk to her and start the Tarana Challenge. She'll give you three shield potions and ask you to collect three artifacts.

Fortnite Tarana artifacts quest
This is where you can find Tarana. (Credit: Epic Games)

Fortnite Tarana Artifact Location

You'll be pleased to find out that all three of the artifacts are found in Boney Burbs. That's right, the same location you're already in. The artifacts in question are somewhat hidden, but their blue glow will give them away. Here are all the locations.

The first Fortnite Tarana artifact is found in the building at the very center of Boney Burbs.

Fortnite Tarana artifacts quest
The first artifact is easy to find. (Credit: Epic Games)

Once you've collected the first one head southeast towards what used to be the clocktower. You'll find the second Fortnite Tarana artifact under the stairs.

Fortnite Tarana artifacts quest
It's hard to miss this one. (Credit: Epic Games)

The third and final Fortnite Tarana artifact is on the northeast side of the area. Head to the ex-gas station and enter the small building. It's right behind a tree, just sitting there, glowing.

Fortnite Tarana artifacts quest
The third and final artifact! (Credit: Epic Games)

After you're done collecting the artifacts, Tarana will send you a message and ask you to continue the quest by finding the Thief. We'll let you figure that one out. Hint: It's not that far away from your current location. We hope this short guide was helpful!

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