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They found out the reasons a day later

Fortnite Streaming Duo x2Twins Get Surprise Twitch Ban

x2twins banned from Twitch
The x2Twins were hit by a surprise ban from Twitch. | © x2Twins via YouTube

Jesse and Jordan Eckley, known as the x2Twins, have been banned from Twitch. What got the well-known Australian Fortnite streamers into trouble?

The x2Twins have made a name for themselves on YouTube through Fortnite and have 2.27 million subscribers on the platform. In addition to their YouTube presence, the twins have also built up quite a following on Twitch, where they stream FNCS and other tournaments. On June 13, however, the duo was struck by the Twitch banhammer.

Why Were x2Twins Banned from Twitch?

The ban came very abruptly and the duo expressed their confusion on Twitter:

Just got banned on Twitch? I have no idea why. We have 0 strikes, literally done nothing to my knowledge? About to f*cking cry bro.

Bans on Twitch usually occur when a streamer violates the Twitch rules around streaming. However, they have also been known to happen accidentally or due to mass troll reports in the past.

Then a day later, the guys got the real reason for the ban and enlightened their fan base on Twitter:

Got an email from twitch, supposedly its a suspension for a dmca strike from our intro song, the only part of our vod that the music actually comes through because we were under the impression it was a copyright free song. No idea when it will be lifted.

They added:

And im almost certain it was copyright free when we started using it, then it got signed and we just didnt know.

So, the two were banned by Twitch for playing a song in their stream that was not allowed. Recently, some streamers have been hit by the ban hammer due to copyright strikes as the rules have been tightened.

It's not clear when Jesse and Jordan will be allowed to stream on Twitch again, so we can only do the same as them: wait the ban out.

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Original article by EarlyGame's Alisa Eiber.