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2.4 million concurrent viewers on Twitch

Fortnite Streamer Grefg Breaks Twitch Record With His Skin Reveal


Fortnite streamer Grefg has finally been added to Fortnite's icon series. During the unveiling of his official skin, he attracted millions of viewers on Twitch, breaking several platform records.

During the unveiling of his Fortnite skin, popular streamer Grefg broke several viewership records on Twitch, helping to set a new record for concurrent users on the platform. Millions of viewers watched Grefg's Twitch stream as he gave the world a first look at his upcoming Fortnite skin.

Fortnite has already let other streamers become their own skins as part of the Icon Series, including Ninja, LoserFruit, and Lachlan. Each of these content creators held their own reveal streams on Twitch or YouTube, but not one came close to the number of viewers Grefg attracted.

Grefg breaks records

During Grefg's stream yesterday, 2,470,347 viewers tuned in simultaneously to watch the reveal of his Fortnite skin. Grefg was also able to break three Twitch records for concurrent viewers in the past:

1) Single Streamer All-Time Concurrent Viewers, with 660K viewers.
2) Concurrent Viewers during an Esports event – held by ELEAGUE Boston Major 2018 Finals – with 1.08 million viewers.
3) Single Game All-Time Concurrent, with Fortnite's "The Device" event with 2.3 million viewers.

It was also reported that during Grefg's skin reveal stream, Twitch surpassed the previous record number of concurrent viewers on the platform with 6.466 million users.

Grefg skin, emote, and more!

Grefg's viewership isn't the only thing impressive about the stream, as his skin was celebrated by the Fortnite community. While Lachlan, LoserFruit, and Ninja's skins closely resemble the Creators, Grefg's skin has a fantasy design that almost resembles a devil or a god.

He was also able to show off the skin's reactive abilities, as well as its controller pickaxe and the "dance with the controller" emote.

When will the Grefg skin be available in the Item Shop?

The Grefg Fortnite skin will be released in the item store on January 16 at 1 AM CET. There is no exact price for the skin yet. However, Grefg stated that the skin bundle will cost between 2,000 and 3,000 V-Bucks.

It is likely that TheGrefg's cosmetics, such as his BackBling and pickaxe, will also come as separate items in the item store.

Grefg Skin Reactive
The skin also looks insanely cool in its reactive form. (Credit: Epic Games)

Here's how to get the Grefg skin before it hits the item store.

As with previous Icon Series skins, Epic is launching a tournament to celebrate the event. Previous tournaments allowed winners to grab the corresponding skin a few days before other players. The game mode will be a sort of "the floor is lava" LTM, where players will be challenged to both eliminate others and survive themselves while traversing an instant-death field.

According to leaker iFireMonkey, the tournament will run from January 14-15.

Regardless of whether you knew Grefg before or not, those who attended yesterday's stream witnessed internet history, as one man captured the attention of 2.4 million people at once. We at EarlyGame are excited to hear about his career and will report back when there is more news on Fortnite.

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Original article by EarlyGame's Alisa Eiber.